13 The Second Soviet Astronaut In Space

The Second Soviet Astronaut In Space

You are looking at the childhood photo of a person who was the first  to orbit the Earth multiple times. He is German S. Titov, a Soviet astronaut who orbited Earth aboard Vostok 2 and was preceded by Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1.

G. S. Titov lived in the village of the Altai Territory from 1942 to 1946.

German Titov together with other members of a literature club who attended the village school.

G. Titov finished the secondary school.

G. Titov and his friend Yuri are cadets of the Air Force Academy.

G. Titov is a candidate to astronauts.

G. Titov’s parents and sister.

G. Titov with his wife, 1960.

Crimea. S. P. Korolev is surrounded by the first group of astronauts.

Titov is training.

Titov and Gagarin are studying at the Star City, 1961.

Gagarin, Titov and Nelyubov on the Red Square in Moscow, 1961.


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13 Responses to “The Second Soviet Astronaut In Space”

  1. Gibbon says:

    “Astronauts” again huh?

    Is it because that you are so totally western obsessed indoctrinated Anglophiles, that you refuse the correct term Cosmonauts? Please tell us, just once and for all…

    • geoff says:

      A rose by any other name is still a rose.

      Call these guys whatever you want, they are still Special.

      • Gibbon says:

        It´s a totally different thing mind you. It´s however a correct term for you guys who havn´t been anywhere above the “astro” layer by other means than Hollywood…

        • geoff says:

          Gibbon. What does……you guys who havn´t been anywhere……Mean. Have you been to space ??

          You say nothing of Titov and Gagarin’s achievement. Instead you focus on this name thing, Why.

          This site (ER) has only 5% Russian viewers and more than 50% American (I am neither) So a person that flies into space in a rocket gets called what the biggest % of viewers would call them.

          And who cares what they call them anyway ! We all know what they mean !

          It is so very tiring reading this Petty Defensive Silliness over such small meaningless things.

          Wait until you are attacked before you get defensive.

    • ayaa says:

      Oh c’mon.

      Call them what you like. As long as you know the difference, it doesn’t matter.

    • Tangowolf says:

      Your criticism is entirely unwarranted. To call them “anglophile” when they create a website obviously dedicated to “rusophiles” seems dumb and arrogant. Let’s go back to the part where we all like each other and enjoy the site for what it is?

  2. geoff says:

    He was brave enough to be fired up to the stars and he came back a superstar.

  3. wj says:

    If it wasn’t for his name he would’ve been First.
    If it wasn’t for Y.Gagarin’s death he would’ve flown many times.

  4. IamI says:

    It’s obvious why Gagarin was chosen as a first cosmonaut – undoubtedly he was more handsome than Titov.

  5. Anfroid1 says:

    Thank you, this post was very useful…

  6. CZenda says:

    There is an interesting detail on the photos: The poster seen on the photo from November 1961 shows a spaceship that has absolutely nothing to do with Vostok. The true shape of the spaceship was obviously still kept secret at the time.

  7. USSR says:

    Gagarin, Titov, Andriyanov, Komarov…true legends of the time which will never return…

  8. USSR says:

    Remember those horrible day when Komarov died due to parachute problem while landing…And it goes without saying the death of Yuri Gagarin…It seemed the whole country stand still in shock..We could not beleive that Yuri was not with us anymore…I remember of his funeral procession on the Red Square…

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