9 Ukranian Restaurant In Antarctica?

Ukranian Restaurant In Antarctica?

The tourists are having fun in Antarctic. And have you ever been to the place?

A scientific-research station named after Vernadsky Academician used to be property of the Englishmen and was callaed Faraday. However, since 1994 it has been owned by Ukraine. It is much easier to reach the place in summer when water gets a little bit free from ice.

When Ukrainean specialists came back to Antarctic after the fall of the USSR, they invited everybody to visit their pub Faraday. The place is very popular and all the tourists try to come here. The ship won’t be able to come close to the coast and tourists have to use boats for that.


9 Responses to “Ukranian Restaurant In Antarctica?”

  1. emre says:

    next time, ‘the thing’ will come after for you, ukrainians! be prepared while drinking

  2. Michele La Grone Lynch Poulter says:

    Hi Kulchik,

    Find any friggets locked in the ice with Golden Monkey’s masks locked on board Raiders of the Lost Ark style with those drinks?

    American Humour. maybe…

    Oh, back to Operational Shelter for Ministers post by ok4u2bu. (my personal favourite!)

    Are those secrects in sacks the ones Gorbachov and the government of the USSR didn’t know what to do with when it colapsed.

    “We had all of these sacks of information that no one knew what to do with..Right now the Russian people think they are watching a great adventure but pretty soon someone is going to get up on stage?” Something like that!

    I bet Mikhail Khodorkovsky, YUKOS knows about those secrets in sacks.

    How do I send him flowers?

    Michele La Grone Lynch Poulter
    Alameda, CA

  3. Tovarich_Volk says:

    Are those Salo chasers for the Vodka tha I see?

  4. geoff says:

    I did not expect the pub to look so nice inside, like a proper old pub.

    Free drinks exchanged for their bra, where does That end !

  5. banditrider says:

    Nice, but I’ll settle for the relative warmth of UK pubs.

  6. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Cool place! But pineapple is hardly a Ukrainian food is it.

  7. muck says:

    Ukrainian huh?
    Of course, as mush as an Antonov is Ukrainian, isnt it?
    This is a Sovjet bar and if you lucky, you get there with a Tupolev, landing directly on the ice. With a RUSSIAN aircraft..

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    No chance for a Antarctic S.S.R.? (guess not)

  9. 山下智久 says:


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