2 Working At A Movie Theater

Working At A Movie Theater

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We want to tell you what the Russian movie theater of today is. Back in the Soviet time, a movie theater was a special place and for Soviet people watching a movie in a movie theater was a kind of a holiday. Today, people go there just to waste their time away, eat some popcorn and drink beer. In the 90s, movie production, just as other spheres of life, came to a standstill. What’s new about movie theaters now (except for the fact that today it is just business, marketing, commerce, franchising, leasing and kickbacking)? It’s the same good old film and 24 frames per second. Yet, they have introduced a few innovations such as digital movies, 3D-movies and Dolby Digital sound. So, in this post you will find out what Russian movie theaters have come to.

Traditionally, they show movie premieres on Thursdays, so on Wednesdays the plane with a new movie on board lands at the airport of the city the movie is going to be shown in. The movie theater sends a courier to pick up the parcel from the storehouse of the airport. Each bag is for one movie.

The bag contains two paper boxes.


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  1. Douglas says:

    Impossible for that dropped print to be repaired in 20 minutes; impossible.

  2. Osip says:

    Handling of the films with the bare hands? Oh my!

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