9 No More Dancing For The Bridge In Volgograd?

No More Dancing For The Bridge In Volgograd?

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This bridge over the Volga River in Volgograd is over 30 km long and what you see on the photo is just its 6 km part. On the whole, it consists of 4 parts. But that’s not what this bridge is famous for. Take a look at the video below.


Remember it now? Yes, it’s the dancing bridge and according to Volgograd officials, it’s not going to “dance” anymore.

Let’s check it out from the inside!

Entering one of the rooms situated inside the bridge.

That’s how the bridge looks from the inside.

The dancing of the bridge was caused by vibration from a resonance. Wind, current and other factors are the reasons for that. Bridge experts and engineers didn’t find a single defect in its construction and, as a result, came to the conlusion that to prevent further vibration, they had to install damping devices.

There are three dampers inside the bridge.

A deputy chief engineer.

He’s telling about the purpose of the dampers they’ve installed.


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9 Responses to “No More Dancing For The Bridge In Volgograd?”

  1. geoff says:

    Wow. looks a bit scary to be on. The bloke walking out there would need “sea” legs

  2. Scott says:

    “What’s that … resonance in the structure you say … no, don’t worry, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”

  3. Don says:

    I know people who could not believe it and thought that its a fake. They still think so,lol

  4. Kent of Sweden says:

    Bridges and wind can create som wierd events.
    Remember the millenium bridge in London (ok that wasn’t the wind, just people walking) and the one in the U:S that actually came down during a storm in I think the 30:s.

  5. hail to Maurer Söhne says:

    And once more a crappy construction made by drunken russians incapable of calculating some eigenvalues is fixed by german engineering. :D

  6. mukmika says:

    It had to be very well built that it didn’t come apart with all that motion!

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