10 Life As It Was In Occupied Smolensk, Part II

Life As It Was In Occupied Smolensk, Part II

Today we’ll continue showing pictures of Smolensk occupied by German military forces during WWII.

Wagons on  Main Street which is now Great Soviet Street.

Destructions next to the main building of the post-office. The place is now occupied by the Central Hotel.

On the bridge across the Dnieper river.

The employment exchange on Commandant Square (Smirnov’s Square today)

On Commandant Square (Smirnov’s Square today).

A temporary bridge across the Dnieper which leads to Bazaar Square (Kolkhoz Square today).

Panoramic view of destructed Smolensk.

Residential houses next to the eastern part of the vallum.

Destructions near the Specialists’ House after bombardment.


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10 Responses to “Life As It Was In Occupied Smolensk, Part II”

  1. Sasha says:

    IMHO Western Europe has had it easy if you look at the occupation and destruction of many Eastern cities.

  2. sst says:

    Amazing series of photos with great narrative

  3. vla says:

    “city is destroyed, but now city is free”

  4. jeffrey pigden says:

    I sometimes wonder how different the war would have been had Stalin not purged the army. If he had retained some soldiers instead of a crowd of toads.

    • Babysitter says:

      In fact, in “army purges” are more propaganda than serious issue that ruined an army. Overall, less than 10% of officers went through the trials and many of them were just fired but not sent to Siberia or anywhere. Only the highest command had it worse, with 3 of 5 marshals and many komandarms executed. Soviet army had much more significant problems that led to catastrophic year of 41, and purge was not the most significant one.

    • CZenda says:

      There are countless possibilities. One of the viable scenarios is Soviet cutthroats attacking Nazi thugs from behind while they are still fighting in France.

  5. AE Smith says:

    “Freed” means jew-communist rule?

    • Alex Belov says:

      By that time, Stalin has purged the Jews from the positions of power. The few left in the government were no more than his minions. So it was just the Communist rule. Bad as it was, it was still better than the Nazi pigs.

    • ayaa says:

      “Freed” means freed from German rule.
      And back under Russian rule. No matter how bad things were.

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