8 Life As It Was In Occupied Smolensk

Life As It Was In Occupied Smolensk

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Children of Smolensk.

These are photographs of the city of Smolensk taken during its occupation by the German army.

Central Post Office of Smolensk (today it is Tsentralnaya Hotel).

Children of Smolensk.

Women disassembling rafts on the Dnepr River.

Smolensk Department Store. This building was used by German officers as their military barracks.

A village in the Smolensk Region.

Regional Drama Theater.

Smolensk Kremlin.

Destoyed buildings near the Cathedral of the Dormition.

A savings bank.

This building used to be Nobility Association and residence of Town Council.


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8 Responses to “Life As It Was In Occupied Smolensk”

  1. Thomas says:

    The 2 pictures from Dormition cathedral antireligion museum, there are 2 British tanks from WW1, i wonder how they got there. (?)

  2. geoff says:

    …..”from 1933 till 1941, an antireligion museum”……What would be in such a place.

  3. Scrat says:

    Thomas. I don’t believe those pictures are of Smolensk. Some of these are not. The 11th picture down on the second page is a picture of a house with laundry. The neighborhood is at the bottom of the hill behind the church. I have probably walked that street, the view is strikingly familiar. I bet the house is still there as most homes in the neighborhood are very old. I remember the street was paved and the houses were kept very colorful tidy and well repaired. Wow.

  4. Scrat says:

    I stand corrected, those pictures with the tanks are of Smolensk. In and around the church.

  5. emre says:

    I just watched Obyknovennyy Fashizm (1965) and hate these fascists even more. over 20 million soviet death! this is unbelievable

    • Papa Karlo says:

      He-he, you may be interested in the fact, that the author of the script of that film, Maya Turovskaya, lives in Munich since 1992. Obviously she likes the Nazism home country much better than her own country, the country which defeated Nazism.
      The truth is, in 1965 in USSR making anti-Nazi movies was very profitable. Since 1992, living in Germany became much more profitable for certain people. The movie you talking about is very clever Soviet propaganda. I am not saying that everything in that movie is not true, but good propaganda must be mostly true, or it will not work.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Here is one example, in the movie, they claim, that Nazi leaders did not have any education, particularly Goebbels. This is an outright lie. Goebbels had a PhD from Heidelberg university. Meanwhile, Stalin was kicked out of a seminary, which would not even given him a degree, had it finished it, a seminary is like a college. Lenin was kicked out from Kazan University, too. Other Soviet leaders had at best a high school education. Stalin often used profane language in his “resolutions” he put of official documents, like “Execute this f…g bitch”, and in his free time liked to vandalize priceless antique drawings he confiscated for himself from Russian museums.

  6. Alper says:

    LOL The Germans didn’t even spare the wolves!

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