2 2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Architecture

2011 Best Photographs Of Russia. Nomination Architecture

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Here’s another collection of photographs taken for 2011 Best Photographs of Russia exhibition. The main purpose of the project is to reflect the 365 days of Russian life in 2011. This time we want to show you winners in nomination ‘Architecture’.

Incubator, Moscow.

The City’s Geometry, Moscow.

The City of Capitals, Moscow.

Crow on the Bridge, Nizhny Novgorod.

Sky Cutwater, Sergiyev Posad.

Nuclear Power Station Construction, Voronezh.

Fog, Moscow.

The New Jerusalem Monastery, Moscow.

Facade, Moscow.


Underground Symmetry, Moscow.

Old Fort, Kronstadt.

Sun Dial, Saint Petersburg.

Old City, Sortavala.

‘Komsomolskaya’, Moscow.

To Saint Petersburg with Love, Saint Petersburg.

Nocturne, Saint Petersburg.

Saint Pitersburg, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Moscow.

Gorki Leninskiye, Moscow.

Up, Nizhny Novgorod.


The Eye of the Advertisement, Moscow.

Window to the Sky, Reutov.

Steel Geometry, Saratov.

Abandoned City, Mayk0p.

Anthill, Moscow.

Fog, Astrakhan.

Balconies, Kemerovo.

Noticing, Stavropol.

Under the Bridge, Krasnoyarsk.

Side to Side, Murmansk.


Man, Nizhny Novgorod.

Public Garden, Moscow.

Uniting, Moscow.

Labor Union House, Rostov-on-Don.

Melting in Haze, Moscow.

Laid Up, Saint Petersburg.

Kazan, Kazan.

Shades of Heroes, Belgorod.

ZIL’s Pipes, Moscow.

Chukotka in Spring, Chukotka.


Reflection, Saint Petersburg.

Modern Anadyr, Anadyr.

“Sales Center”.

House on Oktyabrskaya Embarkment.

Statue and Cloud, Saint Petersburg.

Architecture, Moscow.

Concrete Tentacles, Tyumen.

Monastery, Belgorod.

No Name, Moscow.

Don’t Sleep or You’ll Get Frozen, Moscow.

Valuevo Mansion, Moscow.

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  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    The most beautiful man-made structure on Earth is the factory (with smokestacks is a bonus).

  2. jim says:

    great photography of a great country!!

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