10 The Tallest Arch Dam In Russia

The Tallest Arch Dam In Russia

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The Chirkey Dam is is the tallest arch dam in Russia. It is located on the Sulak River, Dagestan. The main purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and it supports a 1,000 MW power station. Construction on the dam began in 1964, the first generator was operational by 1974, the last in 1976 while the project was complete in 1978.

It is situated in a seismic area. Installation work was accomplished due to three cable cranes with load-carrtying ability of 25 tons. By the way, it was the first time that they applied cable cranes at underpouring the body of the dam.

They had to blast the rocks to block the river. Over 65,000 m3 of rock fell down as a result of a 37-ton explosion.


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    (Comrade) electrons never sleep.

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    Amazing shoots :D

  3. Taisto says:

    Dagestan is not Russia.

  4. petrohof says:

    “In general, there are three hydropower plants in Russia.” what do you mean by this? that there are 3 arch dams? of course i don’t understand this either as arch dams, even a small arch are MUCH stronger and resist failure as they are under compression. the concrete work here looks better than general, but the maintaince (cleaning, painting looks lacking)

  5. rostit says:

    HDR = Clown Vomit

    Pictures alone are wonderful

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    hay people cole here

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