18 Serving Conditions of A Special Assault Brigade

Serving Conditions of A Special Assault Brigade

Have a look at the living conditions of the 56th special assault brigade.

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A room for 8 people.



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18 Responses to “Serving Conditions of A Special Assault Brigade”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    how tall are they?

  2. Murka says:

    How long a russian man serve in army?
    and how much they receive the payment?

  3. YJ says:

    Much more orderly than the Dags.

  4. Matlok says:

    Someone please tell me what the food was on the plates. Obviously, the bread, butter, and hard boiled egg,are easy enough for me to recognize, but what about the other stuff? Looks like pretty decent chow, and there is plenty of it. Has food service in the Russian military been privatized to civilian contractors?

    • ayaa says:

      Yes. Previously conscripts did everything, from the cooking to serving. They also did all the cleaning and all the “menial” tasks. Now, everything is being delegated to civilians, leaving the troops time to train, instead of having to scrub the latrines.

  5. anonymous says:

    Everything was so nice, I do not think this is russia.

  6. A.Oscar says:

    I have looking into your magazine English Russia many times: but I’m sure not be manipulated from what have seen. But when I was a teenager: without any politics involved, I admire Russia: because most of times, many countries like Mongolia, France, Germany try conquered Russia, and never succeed at all. USA always want to demolish your people, because since the time came independent, just born to be aggressive, and not win one war. But still thinking is de best army in the world. But Special brigade’s Russian has: must be proud and the conditions the treatment, make them more Patriotic. Something else: Russia continue to be, the bigger country in the world, from that point , not that easy to be conquer, at the same time your country could have another 100.000.000 one hundred million more people, star to think about that, and accept emigration of good skilled people from many countries. Special now: take advantage of so many problems the world having, and developed industry, agriculture and go further, because with more people and the resources Russia have, even China cannot try put foot in. During summer Siberia could be developed into growing grain ship to supply the world. Canada have a country just about like Russia, and only on the summer, grows any kind of grain to sell too many countries. Russia could have mines of any kind of metals .I even love your gorgeous women: if could be possible I will marry one. Do all of you know in Portugal when we seeing a blonde we call Russa? I may one day go there and show something so special: which until now stay reserved for Russians Cosmonauts, discover by me some years ago, and stayed until now been mention about it. I’m not jock: and it’s through no lies! Somebody could write to me I live in Portugal and I’m Portuguese. A.Oscar

    • ayaa says:

      I got what you said. But could you put some spaces next time. It makes for a easier read.

    • ayaa says:

      So in Portugal there are no blondes? I must see this for myself.

      • Pedro Silva says:

        Dás um belo exemplo do nosso país. Devias mas é tar calado e não dizer merdas.

        Sorry for Oscar but he’s a tard. But yes there’s just a few ones indeed. Like 5%. And no we don’t associate blonds with russia. Way more associated with northern europe where most tourists come from because most of them are blonds. But that’s not a problem since our brunettes are gorgeous. Pedro from Portugal.

        • OldBikr says:

          I think dark haired women are better looking, for the most part, than blondes. I am somewhat more fond of reddish brown hair though, like in Scotland.

    • OldBikr says:

      You might consider a re-read of history before you extend too many opinions pardner.

      Try to remember who started ALL of the wars of conquest in Europe. Review which leaders wanted to actually rule the World and where they actually were from. Remember, prior to WWI the USA was not in the least interested in World politics, kindly remember why the USA entered those politics friend.

      Try to remember why there was a WWII while you are at it too, I am referring to the policies of France at the end of WWI that resulted in the rise of Schikelgruber aka Hitler.

      In view of these simple historical FACTS, the situation Greece finds itself in takes on a new piquancy.

      Those that refuse to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

  7. Are hazing deaths media-exaggerated in the Russian army?

  8. shovel head says:

    During expeditions food is cooked by military specialists…this consists of opening cans and heating the contents ;-)

  9. Papa Karlo says:

    Everything looks so neat because if something is just a little out of order, the soldiers are punished. It’s like this in all Russian military, not just in elite troops.
    In the Russian military, as in former Soviet, they have to paint everything, trees, pavement curbs, etc. They say that sometimes they even paint the grass, to ensure it looks good when some inspectors come.

  10. Papa Karlo says:

    The food is typical Soviet food:
    – rice porridge
    – some other porrige which looksl like oatmeal
    – sliced sausages (those pink curved round things)
    – “squash caviar” (traditional Soviet food made of boiled squash)
    – chocolat milk
    – bread and butter (in the yellow package)
    Overall, it’s obvious that the meat which is supposed to be given to the soldiers, has been stolen by cooks, and replaced with processed meat – these miserabla sausages (Russians joke that they made of half toilet paper). This is common Soviet practice. I’ve even eaten meatballs in which all meat was replaced by boiled eggs, roughly cut in big chunks (sold at the price of regular meat balls).
    No vegetables whatsoever.

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