5 Life of a Water Sprite

Life of a Water Sprite

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Villagers call Meyram water sprite because he has been working as a plumber for 26 years. Right now Meyram is on vacation but he still goes to work to check out if everything is Ok because he prefers to look after things himself. He gets to work by bicycle, both in summer and winter. Water is his source of income (he makes about $100 a month). Besides, it is his friend and healer.

It is December and we are at a village in the Novosibirsk Region.

Meyram’s house is bigger and newer than that of his parents’ located nearby. It so happened that the water sprite lives alone. His brothers and sisters moved to Kazakhstan and he refused to leave his Motherland. His house has a lot of satellite plates because he’s interested in many things.


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5 Responses to “Life of a Water Sprite”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    look like chinese…
    iPhone 4S launch in china…http://news.163.com/photoview/00AP0001/20073.html#p=7NL4L86000AP0001

  2. JP says:

    You will live longer like this …You will be happy and feel better….It’s all in the mind.

  3. Ivan says:

    Interesting guy… it’s nice to know there are people like him somewhere.

  4. Akskl says:

    He is Kazakh. Ancestor of Kazakhs and some other peoples close to Kazakhs – Turkic nomads historically occupied all vast geographical Steppe region between Hungary and the Great Wall of China.

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