3 BelAZ-75600, The Biggest Dump Truck In The CIS Countries

BelAZ-75600, The Biggest Dump Truck In The CIS Countries

The coal mine on the Bachat river is the largest region of the Kuznetsk Basin in Siberia. Its annual production is over 8 million and 700 thousand tons. It extracts fuel for energetic and metallurgic branches of Russian and many other countries of the world. The biggest dump truck BelAZ-75600 used here has a bearing capacity of 320 tons and weighs 560 tons.

The coal mine is located in the Kemerovo region. It is 300 m deep.

The mine was launched in 1949. It was the first enterprise in the world that started open-pit mining of metallurgical coal in 1966.

Today the mine exploits 29 excavators, 63 trucks,9 locomotive engines and 3 rock-drills.

The truck is 14,5 m high, 9,25 m wide and 7,22 m high.

It engine volume is 77,5 l.

BelAZ-75600 was created in 2005. It is the first truck in the factory that used alternate current electromechanical transmission, electronic monitor and diagnostic system.

In case its main system fails to function or the engine stops working, the vehicle uses pneumatic and hydraulic accumulators with enough energy to accomplish a couple of maneuvers.

The machine can develop 64 km an hour.

The machine has 3 control pedals.

Every wheel weighs 8 tons and costs around million rubles.

The truck is supplied with an air-conditioner, air cleaning system, additional heater, electric heated mirrors, signaling device that warns the driver when the truck approaches a high-voltage power transmission line.

Total road length in the region is 110 km. 55 m is occupied by technological motor roads.

Rocks are first loaded onto the trucks and then transported to the rake blades.

Every machine is operated by 4 drivers and never stops working. Every 250 hours it is sent to the service.

Every 12 hours the truck overcomes 150 km, carries 5-7 tons of rocks and spends 2-2,5 tons of petrol.

As soon as the sun had set, a number of explosions was heard along the mine.

Chinese excavator WK-35 and American excavator Р&Н-4100 ХРС were launched in 2011.

Location: Kemerovo region

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