1 Miatlinskaya HPP, Part 2

Miatlinskaya HPP, Part 2

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First, we would like to remind you that Miatlinskaya Hydropower Plant is a part of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro. It is located on the Sulak River between Chirkeyskaya HPP and Chiryurtskaya HPP. Its water reservoir is also used as a water supply source for Makhachkala and Kaspiysk. Its installed capacity is 220 MW.

This road leads to the HPP.

A typical view of the lower constructions of the HPP: the building of the HPP, open switchgear, surge chamber.

The cabin of a bridge crane.

The machinery hall. The floor is dirty because they have just finished major repairs of one of the units.

Inside one of the hydraulic units and lower rooms of the HPP building.

The control center.

The shift on duty.

Near the HPP building, there is this ascetic summerhouse. It was made for workers of the HPP to take a swim from to cool down because in summertime temperature may reach +40C.

The Sulak’s water is turquoise and the deeper it is, the more rich its color gets. It is the river’s natural color, by the way. No Photo Shop editing.


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  1. petrohof says:

    the construction projects of russia are large and i am sure required considerable work, but the observed quality of the poured concrete always looks to be of substandard. ‘cold’ joints, poorly consolidated concrete, etc. how long before a major failure?

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