25 Good And Bad About The Moscow Metro

Good And Bad About The Moscow Metro

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Residents of Moscow find the Moscow Metro the most beautiful in the world.This is a summary received after asking over 300 people what exactly they like and don’t like about the Moscow Metro.

As for those doors, it is difficult to imagine how many people have broken their arms and hurt their heads against them. Besides, before surmounting this obstacle, try to guess which of the doors are open.

Since people don’t want to waste their time standing in the line to purchase a ticket, profiteers never lose an oportunity to make some money on selling you a ticket for one or two rides. On the left, you see a metal detector which has never been turned on.

The few ticket machines that are operational spit tickets out on the dirty floor. Furthermore, they don’t accept 500-ruble and 1,000-ruble denominations.

In the Moscow Metro, they don’t write information in English which makes it impossible for foreigners to get farther than to one of the ticket offices. Naturally, a cashier won’t be able to explain anything to the tourist either.

Many countries introduced credit card payments long ago. Mobile phone payments are widely used too. Why don’t they consider these innovations in Moscow?

“No entry”.

Entries get lost really fast. The lady you see in the photograph lets other people come in by her multi entry ticket. She did a favor to over 28 people.

This factory produces ticket micro chips, Zelenograd.

It is a very difficult and dangerous production.

For some reson, they decided that it is better to throw used tickets away than to reprogram them.

If you accidentally drop your purse while walking through the turnstile, you’ll get smashed in your face pretty hard!

You won’t be able to buy a new ticket after passing the turnstile and will be doomed to go out and stay in a line.

This whistle irritates a lot of people using the Metro.


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25 Responses to “Good And Bad About The Moscow Metro”

  1. Scrat says:

    I have used that Metro so much that I know it by heart. I think it is a masterpiece. Only a fool would complain about it.

  2. Sasha says:

    I don’t understand what is so difficult about buying tickets for foreigners. There is a table with numbers for the amount of rides and the money it costs. You don’t have to be able to read Cyrillyc and Russian to understand that.

    And if you dont want to stay in line to long, buy a ticket when it is not so busy and not when it is finished.

  3. Ivan says:

    These are the russians always complaining about every thing

  4. Kristina says:

    Now why dont you ask people of New York and take pictures of their Metro! I never want to go back there! Moscows and St. Petersburgs metros are like heaven compared to the one New York has. Stinks. Dirty. Rats. Water Dripping from the ceiling. Terribly hot. Trains are tooooo shakey. Im still sure Russias metros are the best (even Paris cant be compared)

  5. petrohof says:

    well it sounds like a big mess. but if you speak russian and come to baltimore, good luck! of course many russians are smart enough to speak english and others, unlike most lazy americans.

  6. Hovercraft says:

    I visited Moscow recently with friends (we’re English) and while I agree with a few of these criticisms, they’re all very trivial compared to the good points of the Metro. Speaking as a tourist, we had few problems with finding our way around, after a little preparation (learning to read Cyrillic, looking up how ticketing works) and a little experience. Anyway, compared to the London Underground, the Metro is:

    – Cheaper
    – More reliable (lines often close for maintenance on the weekends in London)
    – Cleaner
    – More spacious
    – Less stuffy
    – WAY more beautiful

    Basically much better in almost every single way. The famous Moscow Metro was one of the main attractions we came to see, and it definitely lived up to our high expectations.

  7. (r)evolutionist says:


  8. Serow says:

    > Why do they show us time since the last train left the station? Wouldn’t it be better to show the time left until the next train arrives?

    Actually, this time is not for passengers but helps drivers keeping interval between two trains.

    • septzz says:

      true! i am Malaysian, lived in Petersburg for 4 years. At first i thought the same thing too. But then i figured that the clock is for the drivers. There are 2 dots (lights) besides the clock for their guidance. Also the time interval for the next train is approximately 3 minutes. those who use the metro everyday should already know it.

  9. wj says:

    St.Petersburg metro is far cleanier, spacier and less-crowded.

  10. Steamed McQueen says:

    Often I wondered about why some of the doors are locked, or why some of the escalators are blocked off. Then I realized that it is a way to control traffic on the platform. Trains run about 3 minutes apart or so, roughly the time it takes to descend the escalators to the platform. If all the street doors and cashiers were open it would overload the platform. It’s crowded enough as it is!

    The Moscow metro is worthy of a trip to Russia in and of itself. Whatever else one wishes to say about Russia and Russians there is no denying that they have the best public transit system in the world. Clean, cheap, relatively safe and it’s the fastest way to get anywhere in Moscow.

    I’ve often said that if everything in Russia worked even half as well as the trains and metro Russia would rule the world.

  11. Mercal says:

    Public transportation is one of a country Socialist/Communist controlled.

    Free countries are mobile and not forced to use this rubbish of being herded like sheep.

    • ayaa says:

      Germany has plenty of metro systems and tram systems. So by YOUR logic, Germany isn’t a free country and it’s also Socialist/Communist controlled.

    • Sasha says:

      Good luck driving a car around in Moscow. I love to do it, but many times public transport is way faster. And no problems with parking.

  12. Mitch says:

    Whoever submitted these photos, obviously drives a black BMW with a blue light. The Metro in Moscow is brilliant.

  13. K says:

    idiotic question

  14. Moscow metro is historical,beautiful,comfortable and cheap.

  15. Brünn says:

    wow, very nice!, often the problem´s they had the same as others metros in the world.

  16. Jon says:

    I like the photos, but there is to much whinging. Go to Paris metro then you will have something to complaine about, constant smell of urine for example

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