18 New Hospitals Of Georgia

New Hospitals Of Georgia

Many new hospitals have  been recently opened in Georgia. They are supplied with new equipment that can be easily used by young personnel of the hospitals. They are sponsored by insurance companies clients of which get treatment here.

Hospital of Terjola.

Caspian hospital and hospital of Khasuri.

Hospital of Zestafoni.











via cyxymu

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18 Responses to “New Hospitals Of Georgia”

  1. geoff says:

    Great to see new hospital instead of new military equipment.

    • These hospitals are for USA military in case of wars :)

      Beside these hospitals. USA is also building a small high tech military city for their soldiers in Georgia.

      USA can easily launch military and missile strikes through these bases to Iran, Pakistan, Russia etc

      • USA will build 30+ hospitals like this.

      • Ike says:

        US has military bases, military presence and all required infrastructure in the following countries:
        Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE. Also 2 big warship groups near the Iranian coast. Why the hell US will need Georgian hospitals if the country does’t have border with Iran?

  2. wing says:

    Wonderful photos! I want to visit Georgia, but not the hospitals, of course.

  3. alcanal says:


  4. Taisto says:

    Getting ready for WAR.

  5. jock says:

    Well thats better than the dilapedated ruins we usually see on this website

  6. Mank says:

    This IS military equipment.

    ER of course forgot to mention that these are american/israeli provided hospitals for THEIR people fisrt and foremost, after they got fried in Iran. To no avail really, those who invade that hornet nest will leave in body bags and just like Russia destroyed a israeli build air base for the same purpose, Russia will take out these too…

    • Ricsi says:

      Spot on Mark,these naive Georgians are been used to ferment yet more trouble,first as a base for a US/Israhell assault on Iran and then to provoke the sleeping bear again,Russia

  7. zx10R says:

    As professional I can say that lighting don’t meet requirements. Not sure about rest equipment but this is another cheaper than estimate cost project.
    Nevertheless still better than 90% of hotels in Russia :)

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    Seen one hospital, seen ‘em all… And bacteria and viruses love hospitals.

  9. Foma says:

    Of course military equipment because of dangerous russian state on the north.
    Good states have friends, bad haven’t – like Russia.

  10. ayaa says:

    I don’t know if these are the same, but the US has recently announced that it would be building plenty of military hospitals all over Georgia.

    Maybe the world will see a sequel to the Five Day War soon, if Georgia continues to build up its military. (or to be more precise RE-build its military, lol)

  11. Pedro says:

    build hospitals and schools not tanks and guns. Just imagine if usa and russia cut the military costs in half and invested in health and education.

    People don’t realise but for example just the price of one icbm submarine (equiped ohio class sub) is enough for building 38 very large size hospitals.

  12. nana says:

    tu Seizleba Tvalis trombozis dros lazeruli koreqcia?zalian gtxovt momcerot

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