19 Khrushchev On a Visit to America

Khrushchev On a Visit to America

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From September, 15th till September, 27th, 1959, Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, paid an official visit to the Unites States of America, first visit in the history of Soviet-American relations.

Total number of journalists covering the event was estimated at 5,000 which was an absolute record at that time. Below are photographs by Hank Walker.

The Soviet aircraft.

Welcoming Khrushchev.

Ceremonial troops.

Nikita Khrushchev visits farmer Roswell Garst whom he has known and stayed in touch with since 1955. Khrushchev wanted to introduce the farmer’s experience in corn growing in the USSR.

Khrushchev’s wife.


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19 Responses to “Khrushchev On a Visit to America”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    Khrushchev is our Chinese people’s friends!

  2. perristalsis says:

    Ahhh the good old days, when we overflew Russia with impunity in our untouchable U-2’s- err, except maybe just that once… and the Premier, in a hammy bit of stage play, slamming his shoe down on the lecturn and being misquoted as saying “we will bury you”, when he actually said we will outlast (live) you- yes indeed, the power of the press to manipulate and frighten ordinary citizens ran unchecked then. Unfortunately they still try to do it today also.

  3. Sean says:

    Mr. Khrushchev was a simple man, it wasn’t education and subtle intelligence that brought him to the power, but the passion and the will. So much good and evil he did meaning only good. He continued the USSR’s plan to developing science and technology, removing ban from molecular biology and cybernetics, but ruined architecture and art that was in avante-guarde of the world.

  4. George Johnson says:

    He wanted to visit Disneyland when he was in kalifornia, but the police wouldn’t let him because it would have been a security nightmare. I forgot where they took him instead, a theater I think it was, something simple.
    He was also very impressed with grocery stores.
    Personally, I think he meant well, we just didn’t understand (and still don’t I guess) the bluff and bluster exterior of him (and others). He didn’t really want a nuclear war, but the bluff and bluster, made us think he did, so we reacted.

  5. A.Oscar says:

    Years passed and the world continues the same: 55 years ago when tensions between USA and USSR, the Era of Khrushchev are when he went to USA into investigate farming. That man was a tough guy towards the power he may had. On the same pictures I see other guys already old, like Khrushchev, and now all of them maybe gravitate around the Earth. Why so many people create so many problems for the others, get mad, and after just gone like the most of them. We do not need another war: what we need, to put human beings into another planet, because this one the Terra, do not going the same amount of years until here. Was real nice remember the past: only to me, because I remember this strange guy and he slamming is shoes in ONU table as he was made a speech. A.Oscar

  6. Tommo says:

    I do recommend reading his memoirs. It’s fascisanting stuff. He was a good writer.

  7. doc says:

    The guy holding up the “Welcome Khrushchev” sign probably got a visit from some guys in black suits afterward.

    • perristalsis says:

      Yeah, he was probably the comrade Commissar of the New York Young People’s Communist Society for Peace and Prosperity. Today he’s probably executive director of PETA.

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    Not Marxist enough, but a good fellow.

  9. mukmika says:

    Was Bulganin not with him on that visit? They travelled together a lot, I think.

  10. Gaby says:

    Was he the one who delighted so much in giving the US president a model of the satellite Russia had launched recently?

  11. Matt says:

    the first pic is so LOL

  12. OLUT says:

    Love the two-headed bird!

  13. dsfds says:

    khruchev,a good man indeed.way better than stalin

  14. fire man sam says:

    this guy was responsible for heinous crimes, executions and starvations as a direct result of his chronic mismanagement and incompetence. Lavrenti Beria, Stalin and Lenin did NOT love Russia. They killed all opponents. They were bank robbers, rapists and terrorists who “won” a civil war and then made up and falsified all records and distorted the law and schooling to suit their own ends.

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