1 In The Airshed Of Tolmachevo

In The Airshed Of Tolmachevo

The airshed in the Tolmachevo airport located in Novosibirsk is the largest airshed behind the Ural mountains. Airbus А-310,319,320,321, Boeing В-737 and 767 are serviced here.

The airshed is 30 meters high and it is big enough to provide simultaneous service of 6 airplanes.

According to one legend, the airshed was brought here from the Far East of Russia where the USSR had confiscated it from conquered Japan.

Another legend says, that it was shifted from Port-Arthur when the Soviet troops left the region in 1950. It could also be a former dockage facility for submarines from Kaliningrad or an airshed of a German aviation factory.

The German origin of the airshed is already proved.

Today employees of the airshed are busy with performing periodical checks of technical condition of those airplanes that are planned to be made by aviation companies in a certain period of time. The checks are as follows: Transit check, Daily Check, A-check, B-check, C-check и D-check.

Transit check means servicing before a flight/departure. Daily Check lasts up to 1,5 hours and includes control of airplane general condition.

C-check is performed once half a year or after 4500 hours of flight and lasts 10 days.


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