5 What Is It Like To Stay On The Kola Peninsula? Part II

What Is It Like To Stay On The Kola Peninsula? Part II

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Let’s continue our journey going now to Teriberka Village and its boat cemetery. The village used to be a large fishing center and began to decay in the 60s when coastal fishing lost its significance. Besides, it so happened that to deliver fish to the village, it is necessary to first register it in the city of Murmansk which makes it unprofitable. As a result, the fish factory of Teriberka is experiencing hard times too.

Still, Teriberka has an operational guarded port.

This is an abandoned part of the port of Teriberka.

Red tape makes it almost impossible for local people to go in for fishing.

Fishermen have to buy rights to fish certain species of fish.

Local population is used to fishing for free because that’s what their predecessors always did. They can’t afford buying fishing licences even if they wanted.

The village is gradually dying out.

Noone needs these boats anymore.

In addition, locals litter the village making it a sorry sight. All this happens in a place of unique beauty, the place you want to come back to.

Our next destination will be Tumanny (Foggy) Village. This place looks close to what many people imagine the North to be.

An emergency spillway.

Inside the spillway.

On the other side of the dam.

Kola Peninsula has a lot of man-made canyons like that. They were made by explosions to build hydropower plants.

A local bus station.

Thise building used to be a military station.

They are thoroughly guarded by locals who promise to “smash your face if you take one more photo if it”.

These views are rather apocalyptic.

While one part of the house is abandoned, another one may house several families…

The building of local administration.

These houses are lived in.

A playground…

By the way, if you happen to visit this place, be ready to pay $30 a night per person for a hotel-apartment.

The majority of the people work at a local HPP. Some pick up berries for sale (mostly cloudberries) making up to $2,500 per season.

On the right, you see a fire department. On the left, there is a bus station.

This building can be considered the center of the cultural life of the village. It has a club, a store and a bar.

This place is usually filled with dangerous-looking young men who don’t want to take the trouble of being friendly. However, appearances are deceptive and many of them are polite hard working men with the right value system.

Near the club, there is a children’s center with computers and unlimited Internet.

Sometimes, they hold discos for children (with ice cream and pizza) and for senior high school students and adults (with beer or something).

Here, kids may play ping pong or paint, for example.


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  1. Corvin says:

    wow amazing and mysterious place

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Nice place for a commune (volume 2). And thanks for the “heads up” on the advice about the “young men on a jalopy”. They are not invited into the commune…

  3. pepsi throwback says:

    Russian north…no matter how many pics there are i still dont have enough. mystic, mysterious and totally awesome. publish as many pics as poss man! thanxa nad take care

  4. mariel says:

    thanks for the picture, what remote and wild, and abandone places…. It would be very hard to live then ….

  5. reznor says:

    very atmospheric pictures! the BW photos – which camera did you use? thank you.

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