8 Ships Of Imperial Fleet, Part II

Ships Of Imperial Fleet, Part II

Look through some more ships of the fleet of the Russian Empire.

Fleet destroyer.

Fleet Battleship Emperor Alexander III.

Cruiser Oleg.

Submarine Akula (Shark)

Fleet battleship Emperor Nikolay I

Submarine Tiger.

Fleet battleship Ryurik.

Armoured cruiser Admiral Nakhimov.

Squadron battleship Eagle.

Clipper Hothead.

2nd class cruiser Almaz (Diamond)


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8 Responses to “Ships Of Imperial Fleet, Part II”

  1. Johan says:

    Does any of these ships still exist?

    • ptc says:

      Only Avrora in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburk) and japanese battleship Mikasa (flagship of japanese navy). Many of these ship were sunk in single battle – you can see battle damage on battleship Eagle picture. This battle is reason why Mikasa is preserved – japanse navy was able to sunk or forced to flee or surrender all russian ships in single battle without single casualty on japanese side.

  2. ChrisSmith says:

    A quick look at wiki, says no. They can be wrong.

  3. Andy says:

    Funny that picture of the “Eagle” is after it has been captured by the Japanese. It took a direct hit to the front gun and you can see the piece missing from the barrel.

  4. Mr. Fox says:

    What’s the means of fleg on the left? they are not same.

  5. Misieq79 says:

    Ryurik was an armored cruiser, not a battleship. BTW the second ship of this name can be seen behind the Akula submarine.

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