16 Russian UAZ vs American Scorpion And More

Russian UAZ vs American Scorpion And More

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The brigade is used as a general reserve. It is provided with helicopters and cars, mostly UAZ vehicles, for quicker transportation.

The brigade received these cars in 2010.

Wearing winter clothes.

An UAZ-3152 ‘Gusar’.

Thе SUV was produced in 2006 and in 2010 it was transported to the 56th brigade.

Fuel consumption: highway: 13 mpg; city: 9.8 mpg.

Its off-road performance is rather good.

At the automobile testing ground.

It features a 205 hp TOYOTA engine.

Its engine and tank are protected with armored sheets.


The ceiling is rather ascetic.

The auto has seats for 5 paratroopers and a driver seat.

Actually, this car is very uncomfortable. Besides, one or two paratroopers have to sit like!

Each person who is 180 cm or taller has to hunch up or bend down in this car.

Furthermore, the heater the car is equipped with, is so weak that it warms up just the front two passengers. As for the rest, they have to deal with that cold draft coming from the roof, windows and doors. Don’t forget that apart from soldiers, the UAZ is supposed to transport different equipment, tents, tools, etc.

Installation of the AGS-17, the Kord 6P50 heavy machine gun, and the PKP Pecheneg machine gun is possible.

On the photograph, you see fasteners for different devices.

Glasses of the side doors can be folded for soldiers to be able to fire, when necessary.

UAZs that are not armored are supposed to be replaced with new armored ‘Tigers’.

In 2011, 10 American light assault vehicles Scorpion were tested at the brigade.

“The Russian Federation. Registration certificate…”

The Scorpion is 40 cm wider that the UAZ and has an independent suspension. It has a diesel engine and better milage: highway: 18.9 mpg; city: 14 mpg. It has a very smooth ride unlike its Russian companion even when it’s off the road.

However, its engine is not protected with armored sheets.


If necessary, its windscreen can be folded too.


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16 Responses to “Russian UAZ vs American Scorpion And More”

  1. BlowME says:

    Why is … this … still in production..? I thought they have Tigrs and Volks to replace this…

  2. wing says:

    I see these are modified Toyotas – a fine Russian make!

  3. 山下智久 says:

    toyota engine?why not hyundai engine in my opinion hyundai engine is better than toyota .long live korea!

  4. Osip says:

    Army field repair vehicle with lathe?! What possible repairs under field conditions could be accomplished with a lathe??

  5. iii says:

    Umm, reverse engineering?

  6. Rembo says:

    Is the Scorpion British and not American?

    • OldBikr says:

      I think you are correct, the “Scorpion” is most likely a British vehicle. @Osip: A lathe can be used for parts fabrication and engine repair. It can also be used to custom fit certain parts to particular weapons as well. I imagine a lathe and other associated tools would be VERY handy for disaster relief missions.

  7. jeffrey pigden says:

    Did I actually see a DIAL telephone in the command vehicle?

  8. Cc says:

    If it’s being used as a truck, fine! As a trooper’s carrier into the battle field? I’ll rather have one of those tactile truck the guerrilla fighters are using. I mean, the heater is probably useless anyway, and the gun turret and its stand were so ill-conceived. Grown adults will not be easy to get out if the truck should roll over. One battery configuration for russian weather? And please put the engines horizontally instead of straight, it’ll be nice to have something to count on to stop some bullets. Overall, I pledge to have it transfer to the police force. ( without the gun turrets, of course.)

  9. Pedro says:

    those first 2 trucks seam such a fail to me.. :S some commercial versions are better then that crap… O_o
    I really don’t get it.

  10. Komissarov says:

    The Scorpion has UAZ’s body… :o

  11. Gaziantep web tasarim says:

    I think all has been modified but i really like it wish that have one lol

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