0 Two Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Stations In Zagorsk

Two Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Stations In Zagorsk

The hydroelectric pumped storage power station in Zagorsk, Moscow region, is the only acting hydroelectric pumped storage power station in Russia.

The station deals with two tasks simultaneously: it generates and consumes electric energy. Capacity generated by the station is not large but is in demand due to reversibility of the cycle.

Thus, an atomic power plant generates a certain amount of energy. In view of load lacking the freed capacity has to be spent somewhere or energy output needs to be decreased. The second variant is not good at all. It usually takes an A-plant 9 months to use a definite amount of fuel. If the capacity is changed, the mentioned term will be decreased to 6 months.

The station is supplied with 6 hydraulic units.

Ideally every A-plant must have a hydroelectric pumped storage power station nearby as the latter one consumes free capacity.

A hydroelectric power station must be located along a river. A water-collecting area is based at the back of the dam where water is taken from at night and is put back in the afternoon. They buy cheap energy to fill the reservoir with water at night. In the afternoon expensive energy is generated and sold out.

This way

The station is mainly located underground.

The turbine room.

Pressure conduits are used to release and eject water.

On the roof of the turbine room.

The territory of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region is too vast and the station shown fails to produce enough energy. That is why the second station is to be built.

The water intake area is surrounded by a fence. A temporary dam helps in construction of the 2nd station.

The pressure tunnel on the right is almost completed.

The territory of the turbine room is slowly increasing.

280 people work here.


Location: Zagorsk

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