11 Ships Of Imperial Fleet

Ships Of Imperial Fleet

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Protected cruiser ‘Oleg’.

Check out these old photographs picturing ships of Imperial Fleet.

Protected cruiser ‘Svetlana’.

Protected cruiser ‘Bogatyr’.

Squadron battleship’Buyny’.

Protected cruiser ‘Pallada’.

Coastal defense ironclad ‘Admiral Senyavin’.

2nd-class cruiser ‘Novik’.

Squadron battleship ‘Tsesarevich’.

Protected cruiser ‘Varyag’.

Protected cruiser ‘Oleg’.


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11 Responses to “Ships Of Imperial Fleet”

  1. Starik says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks to the poster.

  2. Matlok says:

    Very cool fotos!

  3. 山下智久 says:

    是不是1904-1905年日俄战争中沉没的“瓦良格”号 巡洋舰?

  4. D. Bunker says:

    Is the Aurora the same one that figured prominently in the October Revolution?

  5. pinoteres says:

    It seems like in most of captions shoud be “battleship” instead of “destroyer”.
    Destroyers are small, maneuverable ships evolved from torpedo boats – does the ‘Pobeda’ seems to be maneuverable? ;)

  6. jim says:

    Great pictures! Got any photos of the Popov class battleships?

  7. VikingBerserker says:

    Excellent pics!

  8. Muzzlehatch says:

    The “battleship” Buyry would be properly called a torpedo boat.
    The battleship “Retvizan” was built in 1902 by William Cramp & Sons of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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