24 A War Has A Female Face

A War Has A Female Face

A war is an awful event that changes people and turns the human world upside-down. Below are photos of Soviet women who made a contribution in termination of sorrow and grief protecting their Motherland equally with men during WWII.

Soviet women who expressed their willingness to be sent to the front line.

Red Army magazine photoreporter next to the crashed German Junkers Ju 87.

A Soviet shooter is loading a gun with ammunition.

The rifle of the sleeping sanitary instructor was repaired under the field conditions.

A Soviet signalwoman next to the Brandenburg gates.

Health workers of a rifle division. The people are wearing German helmets as during the first days after the Victory administration of the rifle decided to carry out an inspection and not enough Soviet helmets were available. After the inspection the German helmets had never been used again.

An operator of the German position finding device.

For a short period of time the machine gunner managed to destroy several fire posts.

A Soviet shooter.

Sailors of the German fleet.

An observer of the Moscow air defense.


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24 Responses to “A War Has A Female Face”

  1. Thomas says:

    1. pic. 2nd woman from the right, looks a bit displeased at the other girl, for some reason, jealous ??

  2. geoff says:

    9th or 10th pic down of a soviet shooter, the smiling girl looks too young. I think she falsified her age (put it up) to be allowed to jion.

  3. perristalsis says:

    Female snipers faced a fate far worse than their male counterparts who were simply executed if caught, I don’t think I need to go into specifics here about that, but I doubt any woman would want to be taken alive by the enemy.

  4. 山下智久 says:

    Germany and Russia are friends

  5. wing says:

    Not ‘shooter.’ What you mean is SNIPER – Russian uses the same word. Yes, women are involved in war just as much as men. When men go mad, no-one is safe. It’s good to see from the many posts here that Russia is cheerfully preparing for the next war.

  6. scott says:

    why is there a photo of german girls in this collection? I mean they are pretty and all, but the posting is supposed to be about the russian girls who helped defend the motherland.

    • Jeff says:

      the photo of the 2 german navy girls, the guy behind looks like he is in russian clothes. maybe they were captured

  7. Tippi-Simo says:

    Glorious women fighting for righteous cause only to be sent to GULAGs after the war.

  8. Osip says:

    “A pilot of A-22 Boston” What is this aircraft??

    • perristalsis says:

      The Douglas DB-7/A-20 Havoc was the most-produced attack bomber during World War II. A total of 7,477 DB-7/A-20s were built, most at Douglas, although 380 were built at the Boeing plant in Seattle, Wash. The Havoc was a mid-wing, twin-engine, three-place medium bomber that earned a reputation for getting its crews home, even when both crew and aircraft suffered crippling blows. It was called the “Boston” when it was built for England’s Royal Air Force….More than half of the DB-7/A-20s built went into service in other countries, predominantly the Soviet Union.

  9. USSR says:

    The war is horrible thing…I hope most of these girls survived it..

  10. openeyed says:

    The blond in pic one was sooo sexy, and she was a ‘shooter’ – infantry?

  11. George Johnson says:

    That observer on the roof, that photo looks like she’s a giant in the street. Very weird looking.

    “Not worse than men…” I love it.

  12. (r)evolutionist says:

    Woman warrior is a contradiction in terms (like “good millionaire”).

    • Tommo says:

      People like Tamara Bunke and Ulrike Meinhod would have something to say about that! In my country, I’m pleased the Australian Army is finally allowing women into combat positions.

  13. Marie says:

    This is one of the most famous shooters in Soviet Army, Czech Marie Ljalková: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Ljalkov%C3%A1

  14. komentator says:

    “A war is an awful event” Not for the anticommunist-fascist.They love misery and enjoy killing that war brings.Fascism and anticommunism is the same,only diferent name.Diferent look but same smell .

  15. Mercal says:

    Communism was built on the bones of those ‘destroyed’ by Marx/Lenin/Stalin.

    Communism has destroyed 100’s of MILLION’s of people without including war’s.

    This country is DEPRESSING without end.

  16. RAB says:

    I am curious about the sound tracking system,this is a first for me. I am off to search it out.

  17. Macha Iva says:

    if You want to know more… So, Read a great book of Svetlana Alexievitch about the women in the Great Patriotic War… “War has not a woman face”…

    Respect for them… girls… and boys too…

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