36 Tank Repair Factory In Saint Petersburg

Tank Repair Factory In Saint Petersburg

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We invite you to this tank repair factory in Saint Petersburg to see how they repair tanks there.

At the factory, they repair mostly the T-72 and T-80. Recently, it became 100% civil organization.

The T-80 was the main tank of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union. Weight: 42.5 tons; equipped with 125 mm 2A46 gun.


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36 Responses to “Tank Repair Factory In Saint Petersburg”

  1. ayaa says:

    Instead of spending so much on REPAIRING all these tanks, it would be so much better to bring Omsktransmash back online and REPLACE the old tanks with new ones.

    • Babysitter says:

      Do you REPLACE your car every time it requires service?
      Besides, T-80 is a little bit outdated and they are waiting for new MBT chassis “Armata”.

      • ayaa says:

        You missed the point, these tanks aren’t being serviced. They are being repaired, revamped, overhauled (there are many words, take your pick).

        The tank brigades have very good maintenance troops, they can easily service any Russian tank. But these tanks aren’t simply being serviced.

        Even the newest T-80s in Russian service are 20 years old. Upgrading them costs approx. 1.5 million USD per tank. So yeah, its about time they were replaced.

        UVZ already has trouble keeping up with the demand for the T-90 (which now cost approx. 5 million USD per tank). With Omsk, total production can be nearly doubled.

        • Babysitter says:

          What demand? Russian Defence Ministry did not order any T-90AM/MS. And they are not going to. Not a single one. They do not want to buy another derivative of T-72 especially when they have launched massive program for new light/medium/heavy unified chassis families.
          And India had bought license to produce their own copies. There is absolutely no demand for another one T-72 factory.

          • ayaa says:

            “What demand? Russian Defence Ministry did not order any T-90AM/MS.”
            I didnt think you’d understand. Last year, UVZ was estimated to have produced over 85 T-90M.

            “There is absolutely no demand for another one T-72 factory.”
            Omsk built the T-80, which is noticeably different from the T-72 and T-90. The proposal was to retool it to produce the Armata, alongside UVZ.

        • Tovarich_Volk says:

          Perhaps they’re being refurbished for resale to other countries?

          • Babysitter says:

            T-80s? No, there is not much demand for these tanks on international market. Their gas turbine engines and other systems require qualified personnel and original Russian spare parts while T-72’s engine and suspension may be serviced by anyone who have seen T-54/55 (which were sold around the world in tens of thousands) and even some spare parts are replaceable with these.
            These T-80s are being repaired and modernized to stay in service in Russia until new tank comes in high quantities. That’s 2020, at least.

            • ayaa says:

              Have you ever seen a T-80 with your own eyes? The latest T80 upgrades had their gas-turbine engines removed and replaced with diesel engines.

              • Babysitter says:

                Well, that’s you who have never seen T-80. Standart 4-stroke V-92 engine can’t even be fit into T-80 engine bay. You talk about T-80UD/T-84 that use compact 2-stroke Ukrainian 6-TD diesel engines. Russian army doesn’t use these and there is not a single diesel T-80 unit in Russian army.

                • ayaa says:

                  Keep dreaming. For four years, I was with the 4th Tank Guards, a tank division, in other words, I worked with T-80s. I’m not talking about the T-80UD. I’m talking about the T-80UM-2 upgrade. If you really know anymore about Russian tanks than me, tell me, just what the UM-2 upgrade entails.

                  “There is not a single diesel unit in Russian army”. What year are you referring to? 2005?

                  • ayaa says:

                    And no, the T-80UM-2 is not the Black Eagle tank, not anymore that is.

                  • Babysitter says:

                    T-80UM-2 is a prototype equipped with active protection system Drozd-2. Engine: GTD-1250. So you talk about prototype(!) which was still equipped with gas turbine. Something is wrong there. :) And I was referring to any year since 1995 when last diesel T-80UD was removed from active service and put into reserve.

                    • ayaa says:

                      Correct, it WAS a prototype. The MoD recently decided to just forget about the BE tank altogether and instead use its advanced features as an upgrade for existing T-80s. The gas turbine engines showed dismal performance (especially in the Chechen campaigns), so the new UM-2 upgrade will have refitted V-96 engines.

  2. Iggy says:

    First picture – bigger brother of WALL-E

  3. JP says:

    They had a BMP 3 in new zealand at smash fest … tried to run over a few cars and got jammed after the metal wrapped up in the tracks …I was glad to see it as i have never seen Russian equipment here still took an hour to get free but it was jammed pretty bad

  4. Matlok says:

    ayaa, what is the long cylindrical tube, on the back of the turret of the tank on display, in the opening photo? Is it storage for something? If so, for what? I’m guessing that these tanks are being refurbished for some other country.

    • Babysitter says:

      This is set of pipes for underwater driving. Russian tanks are designed to cross waters up to 4-5 meters deep without need of bridges or boats. And no, T-80s are not for sale.

      • ayaa says:


        Those are ventilation tubes, for water crossing. THESE tanks are simply old T-80’s being brought upto newer standards.

      • ayaa says:


        Cyprus just ordered T-80s. Originally they opted for T-90’s, but decided they were too expensive.

        • Babysitter says:

          Ah, yes. Cyprus did. So these tanks presented on pics may be refurbished for them. But I believe Cyprus chose T-80s because they already have some of these and know how to use/service them.

          • ayaa says:

            So what happened to the T-80s not being for sale, and T-80s not having any international demand?!!

            • Babysitter says:

              I admit a was wrong there. Apparently it has some demand and is exported to a few countries. But what happened to the diesel T-80s and especially “diesel” T-80UM-2?

              • ayaa says:

                All T-80s are planned to receive the UM-2 upgrade. The pilot of the scheme is being carried out on the 108th Battalion of the 5th Tanks Guards.

  5. Charles Greene says:

    The first picture WALL-E. I took one look and started laughing. Someone talk the guys into doing a new paint job. Yeah I know, most officers don’t have a sense of humor.
    As for the older tanks, all I could think was a quote from an old american movie.
    “Good, Bad, I’m the one with a tank.”

  6. scud-werfer says:

    thank you for those wonderfull pics!!!
    About the repairs: All peoples crying for more *SAVE THE EARTH*-shit,…but we dont want to repair our cars, our planes and our military equipment??? whats the sense??!!

  7. m__b says:


  8. 山下智久 says:

    Tanks have air condition?ayaa

    • ayaa says:

      Well they have ventilation and air-flow systems but they are mostly for the engine, not the crew. But the T-90M, the T-80UM-2 and the T-72BM-2 have new air-cond systems.

  9. Mercal says:

    Russia/USSR is the weapons super market of the world.

    Same regime new name, did you ever see anything other than weapons that was made in USSR?

    Their weapons are superior in many aspects, namely their tanks, hand weapons, air-craft, and submarines.

    They have the ability to produce on a large scale and make weapons durable and easy to maintain.

  10. Mercal says:

    Russian Tanks are lighter, faster, more agile and have auto-loaders. The profile of the tank is very slim compared to other countries tanks.

    The Russian people are in general more well equipped to handle harsh living conditions than the west.

    Even the Afgan’s said the Russians were more feared than the American’s.

    • ayaa says:

      Usually whatever [Mercal] has to say is complete bull-shyte. But in this case he has actually gotten something right. Not sure if that’s intentional, but its a start.

  11. ayaa says:

    Why is it that every single time someone picks a fight with me about something related to the army, they never seem to have the courtesy of actually ending it? A simple ‘Hey, man, I admit I was wrong’ would have been nice.

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