6 Printing Booklets In ITAR-TASS Typography

Printing Booklets In ITAR-TASS Typography

Let’s go to ITAR-TASS topography based in Moscow to have a short walk through industrial premises and observe the working process there. Today you are going to understand what is meant by printing.

In the typography all the processes start with the client department. Negotiations are usually conducted in the room which is modest but very comfortable.

Then managers compile a technical sheet for printing and send materials to the preprinting department. They mainly use offset printing which is different from our home printers.

First, they form printing plates. Computer-to-plate technology allows to take forms for every colored component right from the computer.

A ready-made form looks like an aluminum sheet which will be later placed around the drum of the printing machine.

After that sheets fit together following special marks. An image is then transferred to a plate. As you can see, the process is rather complicated. The place comprises two Heidelberg MOV-H printing machines. A plate is fixed to every drum.

Control panel of the machine.

The process of manual film fixing needs to be repeated here. As a plate fixed on every drum can be shifted, the final image will have shifted colors too. A large number of sheets will be utilized here.

Experienced employees can put the sheets together with minimum losses. After the sheets are put together they start working with colors comparing them with the ones on the reference color proofing.


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6 Responses to “Printing Booklets In ITAR-TASS Typography”

  1. JZ says:

    Interesting to know! This is suppose to be my future profession.

  2. Emperor Norton says:

    Surprising to see the printer controls in English.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Not really, it’s an older Mitsubishi commercial model. They seem to only come in Japanese & English. I’ve even seen English labelling in a Japanese plant!

  3. Max says:

    Why is the control panel of the printing machine German?

  4. Komar says:

    Hallo, “Heidelberger” here in my hometown Brandenburg-Germany – nearly berlin .
    there is filial-company of these fabrik.

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