24 Giants Of The Soviet Past, Part 2

Giants Of The Soviet Past, Part 2

We have told you about giant industrial objects of Moscow that were essential for Soviet people’s lives but will cease to exist soon. Today we’ll visit an aviation plant in Moscow that is still functioning but will be shifted to the Moscow region.

The workshop is functioning.

Drawings and documentations were stored in the glass boxes.

Working places.

It seems that the place has seen no changes for many years.

Manufactured products.


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24 Responses to “Giants Of The Soviet Past, Part 2”

  1. geoff says:

    “an aviation plant in Moscow that is still functioning”……………..Ahhh………..No.

    I think somebody would like to have those big radial are drill presses.

  2. honisuka says:

    Why there is always such a mess?

    • brainwashed by american school says:

      Because present government in Russia is a bunch of bribe takers and thieves who care only about their own wellbeing. They know how to destroy things, but have no idea how to build them.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    A worker’s paradise (lost)… Photo 8 in our shop is known as a “Hole Wizard.” And girl pin-ups in a factory are as common as cut fingers.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Their drill storage cabinet is better looking than at the shop where I work. Some of my co-workers would be drooling wanting to pillage those drills (due to our cheap capitalist bosses who scrimp on buying drills). Luckily for me grinding requires no drills.

  4. Bill says:

    Give them to a local school to train on?

  5. Number says:

    Well,that is a lot of second hand steel for the melting pot,and what honisuka asks/says.

    Is that because if a factory or plant goes down,the looters and young come to demolish it,their own way?

  6. ayaa says:

    “Today we’ll visit an aviation plant in Moscow that is still functioning but will be shifted to the Moscow region.”

    WTF! :D

  7. JC says:

    Where exactly is this, you tease with pictures, I want to see this for myself!


  8. Osip says:

    Most recent parts produced were for Superjet. Uh oh.

  9. 1934NFA says:

    Why there is always such a mess?

    • cockatrice says:

      Cutting oil attracts grime. And under load it comes off as vapor that condenses on any surface. Unless you’ve got a cleaning crew running a solvent washdown detail… And then factories start getting stale from the apathy and cleanup of all kinds gets ignored. Manufacturing is messy work and cleanup is continuous to maintain that Star Trek sparkle of newer plants.

      • petrohof says:

        also newer plants use CNC machines which enclose the ‘mess’ and use water based coolants. much cleaner. this plant must be 50+ years old and abandoned for last 20.

  10. Max says:

    Well, in any other country such a place would be covered with nasty graffiti in no time. Good to see it’s different here.

  11. Pantokrator says:

    I’m surprised there looks to be a lot of salvageable stuff. Those drill bits certainly would be worth something.

  12. Mercal says:

    USSR = Russia today

    All they do is build military equipment, other than that the people suffer in misery.

  13. geoff says:

    Mercal I think you walk around thinking the same thing everyday. You think sad things. Life is for learning how to be happy. Why do you waist your life being deliberately miserable.

  14. Just says:

    Why they don`t salvage that amount of steel? Or why it isn`t stolen for scrap?

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