5 A Visit To The Aluminum Plant In Volgograd

A Visit To The Aluminum Plant In Volgograd

A group of journalists visited the aluminum plant located in Volgograd. The photos made are presented below.


‘Our goals for 201-2011′

‘Thank you for labour!’

Personal service rooms, section 1, floor 2

Location: Volgograd

via alex-rosh

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5 Responses to “A Visit To The Aluminum Plant In Volgograd”

  1. random says:

    A few explanations on what is being shown would have been nice.

  2. Osip says:

    Where are the workers?

  3. cockatrice says:

    Nice working factory!

  4. dingypingy says:

    you’d have a hard time finding ANY manufacturing facilities like that in the UK. Thank you Maggie Thatcher for butchering British manufacturing and relegating the UK to the role of “america’s missile platform in Europe”.

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