3 Tasty Sweets Of Kolomna City

Tasty Sweets Of Kolomna City

Any holiday is the best time to discuss sweets. Today we’ll talk about marshmallow made in Kolomna which is one reason that makes the city worth visiting. The museum of marschmallow was opened in Kolomna in September 2011. People from the former USSR have always thought of marschmallow as soft and sweet sticks of different colours. But real marshmallow rather reminds of French souffle sweetmeat.

Real marschmallow is left in a Russian stove for many hours. Before that a thin layer of paste made of apple sauce, honey, sugar and egg albumen is distributed over a cloth. After the layers are dried they are put onto one another in wooden boxes and are sent to the stove again. Two places in Kolomna are devoted to marschmallow. The first one is represented by a museum that works from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Here one can go to the excursion, drink some tea, try and buy marschmallow and watch several theater performances. Thus, you may see how they celebrated Christmas in ancient times and performed old Russian rites. This house in the picture was built over 200 years ago. It belonged to Russian merchants.

A legend says that Masons used to visit the place where they drank tea and ate marshmallow.

The interior design was used in the 19th century.

There are a lot of ancient utensils here.

Some marshmallow is located on the right.

The marshmallow is said to protect from hard drinking and is packed into special boxes on the antique order.

The museum was opened in 2009 and brought marshmallow of Kolomna to life.

Samples of marshmallow at the entrance.


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  1. jeffrey pigden says:

    ‘some other device’ is an apple coring press

  2. Elsa says:

    Marshmallows sure look different in Russia.

  3. Osip says:

    “They say the scales were made in China.” It would be remarkable only if they were not.

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