13 News From Russian Roads, Part 48

News From Russian Roads, Part 48

Another revenge of wicked asphalters who do not care much about the property of other people.

Owners of those cars either don’t know traffic rules or don’t want to follow them. That is why they leave their cars wherever they want to.

And what do you think could happen to the car?

We all have got used to replicas of cellphones, bags, watches… But replicas of cars sound like something new..

The guys who have made this Lamborghini Diablo claim they may make replicas of Gallardo, Murchelago, Bugatti Veyron right in your garage… Would you like to become an owner of such a vehicle?


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13 Responses to “News From Russian Roads, Part 48”

  1. RCS-RDS says:

    First picture is from Romania. Not far from russian roads, though

  2. Tutan says:

    The photo number 1 and number 2 are NOT from Russia!!!The photos was taken two years ago in Bucharest Romania,on Bucharest-Ploiesti street,in Aviatiei neighborhood!!!!!!Look at Western Union(yellow) and RCS&RDS(a cable company in Bucharest),with latin fonts!Don’t make mistakes,is not in Russia.Is in Romania!The black stuff on the cars is tar,with one spreder by the romanian road workers!

  3. Tutan says:

    Rednecks are in the all countries on the Eart!!!

  4. Matt says:

    Nice looking replica

  5. Tovarich_Volk says:

    Let me take a wild guess…. deep within the Lamborghini kit, lives the the heart of a Zhiguli???

  6. Aleksander says:

    In 50s in Moscow you could be fined for driving a dirty car and now?


  7. Al says:

    WTF, no traffic cops? No tickets? You park that way (on the sidewalk) in New York and your car will be towed. You will pay hundreds in fines.

  8. ebob says:

    Looks like a great place to start a illgal parking towing business

  9. 山下智久 says:

    skoda volkswagen Mercedes-Benz mazda toyota lexus honda hyundai kia citroen ford audi mitsubishi nissan Landrover I will only like hyundai motor!

  10. The Stegosaur says:

    Wheel lock, that’s what is needed here.

  11. replicacarisoldstuff says:

    … But replicas of cars sound like something new… no it’s not.

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