4 Kingdom Of Miniatures

Kingdom Of Miniatures

Welcome to the Science
Museum, Moscow.
8 Illustrations By Tatyana Doronina

Illustrations By Tatyana Doronina

Check out this amazing collection of
works by illustrator Tatyana Doronina.
2 Eternal Avant-Garde

Eternal Avant-Garde

Nestled in a quiet Krivoarbatsky Lane, the house that belonged to architect Konstantin Melnikov is a must see
for each fan of modern architecture. It is an amazing house that will always look avant-garde.
13 Top 10 Russian Defense Technologies Of The Year

Top 10 Russian Defense Technologies Of The Year

These are top ten defense technologies of Russia for 2011, according to National Defense magazine. The RS-24 Yars, a thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile, takes the lead of the list. It was first tested on May 29, 2007 to
replace the older R-36 and UR-100N that have been already used almost for 50 years. The RS-24 is a missile that is heavier than the current Topol-M (which can carry up to 10 independently targetable warheads).
3 Assorted Russia, Part 40

Assorted Russia, Part 40

Enjoy some pictures of this
beautiful toy city of Vladivostok.
5 Living Under The Bridge

Living Under The Bridge

This apartment house is located in Vladivostok, just 10 meters away from the famouse Golden Horn Bridge which recently was hit by fire. As soon as the fire
broke out, firefighters began to evacuate people from the dangerous house because chances that gas cylinders could explode were too high.
14 Hopeless Traffic Jams In Moscow

Hopeless Traffic Jams In Moscow

It's notorious that traffic situation is disastrous in Moscow. So check out
some photographs of traffic jams taken on the streets of the city.
7 News From Russian Roads, Part 47

News From Russian Roads, Part 47

Some people love their cars and are in a continuous try to achieve perfection.
Check out photos of this $200.000 Mercedes ML 63AMG (isn't it cute?).
10 Military Press Tour In Belarus

Military Press Tour In Belarus

This time we'll take you to security, defence and law enforcement agencies of Belarus.
Let's start with some pictures of special mission units demonstration performance.
13 Inspiring Soviet Posters Exhibited In NY

Inspiring Soviet Posters Exhibited In NY

The Day of Reckoning is Getting Closer. The German monster will never escape retribution and is doomed to be defeated. An exhibition devoted to Soviet agitational posters is taking place in New York and
is going to last until January, 7th. These posters were especially important during World War II because it was they which maintained patriotism and spirits of the Soviet people.

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