18 Giant Constructions Of Astana

Giant Constructions Of Astana

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan that was actually built 10 years ago. That time not many people were eager to move from the former capital
of Almaty to the new place. But now the city can be proud of a plenty of picturesque constructions some of which will be shown below.
3 Slipform Construction At The Federation Tower

Slipform Construction At The Federation Tower

Construction of the Federation Tower is in full swing. Slipform construction is very
difficult to do and with winter approaching, it gets even more difficult.
5 Operational Shelter For Ministers

Operational Shelter For Ministers

You've seen plenty of shelters scattered throughout the country but most of them were abandoned. This one, on the contrary, is operational and belongs to Ministry of
Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. So in case of a war, revolution or nuclear explosion, it is here where ministers will take cover. So, welcome!
11 Abandoned Tubercular Resort

Abandoned Tubercular Resort

You've probably seen plenty of abandoned places in Russia. Now
it's turn to see one of the abandoned health resorts.
0 Progress In Interminable Construction Of Podolsky Bridge

Progress In Interminable Construction Of Podolsky Bridge

Podolsky Bridge is 8 years old already and it hasn't been finished yet. However, this year
there have been some progress and we want to show you what exactly has changed.
48 20 Years Since The Fall Of The Soviet Union

20 Years Since The Fall Of The Soviet Union

Twenty years ago, on December 25, 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as president of the Soviet Union, declaring the office extinct and dissolving the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a massive communist empire that had existed since 1922. The USSR had been in a long economic stagnation when Gorbachev came to power in 1985. In order to bring about change, he introduced several reforms, including perestroika and glasnost (openness). Glasnost opened the floodgates of protest and many republics made moves toward independence, threatening the continued
existence of the USSR. In August of 1991, a group of Communist Party hardliners frustrated by the separatist movement attempted to stage a coup. They quickly failed due to a massive show of civil resistance -- but the already-faltering government was destabilized even further by the attempt. By December of 1991, 16 Soviet republics had declared their independence, and Gorbachev handed over power to Russian president Boris Yeltsin, ending the USSR. Collected here are photos from those tumultuous months 20 years ago.
9 The Carpathians In Summer

The Carpathians In Summer

Why do people go to mountains? Each person has his/her own reasons for that. Some people want to escape from problems, others hope to aqcuire peace of mind
there. Any season, mountains are beautiful. Check out this collection of photographs of the Carpathian Mountains  taken in summertime.
5 Russian RoadsThroughout Decades

Russian RoadsThroughout Decades

Check out photographs picturing roads in remote
corners of Russia. Let's start with the 1990s.
1 Palace Bridge In Saint Petersburg

Palace Bridge In Saint Petersburg

Palace Bridge is probably one of the most beautiful and popular bridges in Saint Petersburg. If a tourist fails to see raising of Palace Bridge, than the whole trip to Saint
Petersburg is in vain. The bridge opened in 1916. It has a length of 260 m and a width of 27.8 m. Its crew includes 11 workers. In the photo, you see their arms.
3 Rocket Sports Festival In The USSR

Rocket Sports Festival In The USSR

From 1956 till 1991, in the Soviet Union once every four years they held the Sports Festival of the Peoples of the USSR. Looking at these photographs taken by American journalist Stan Wayman in 1963, you understand that although rockets have nothing to
do with sports, that year thay became the highlight of the show! Apparently, Soviet people were so inspired by their successes in space exploration, that they couldn't but remind to the world about it each time it was possible.

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