2 How To Launch Fireworks

How To Launch Fireworks

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We all love fireworks. Let’s see what has to be done to make a good firework show.

Preparatory works begin beforehand when they dig artillery mortars (metal or plastic pipes) to shoot from into the ground.

Besides, the mortars go even deeper into the underground during the launching.

Each mortal has to be loaded. The charge they load artillery mortars with is a bag with a fuse (paper pipe with a string soaked in black powder).

Into the fuse, they insert  two wires with a little drop that looks like the one from a Bengal light.

Then, all that has to be covered with a plastic film so that no water could get inside.

Control panels.

They are situated in a trench that firework men dig for themselves.

Through this ‘window’, they will watch the fireworks.


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  1. geoff says:

    Powder Monkeys

  2. George Johnson says:

    Their bunker is WAY too close! Wire is cheap boys.

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