5 Papabubble Candy Production Technique

Papabubble Candy Production Technique

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Papabubble is both a Spanish company and production technique that allows candy makers to create mini works of art of different colors and shapes right before your eyes!

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This is the store. Its interior is designed in a way to draw the attention of the clients to candy makers and their work.

A mananger.


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  1. Jason says:


  2. Chicaurbana says:

    I am Spanish and never heard of this company.

  3. Trevor Ketch says:


  4. Foq says:

    some of the stuff looks downright gross..

  5. UNTOLD says:

    papabubble opens another store in Amsterdam. Here’s a fruity video- a present from emcekeeTV and UNTOLD : http://youtu.be/dO_AghcCkzs

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