25 One Military Brigade And Its Equipment

One Military Brigade And Its Equipment

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This time we’ll visit a military brigade located in the Moscow Region. It was founded in 1918 and released 5 Heroes of the Soviet Union. 51 military men from this brigade servied in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and the Chechen Republic and 47 received state decorations.

We shall start the tour with demonstration of military equipment.

Signal vehicle ‘Gazel’.

About 40% of military equipment is new in the brigade.

They can organize a video conference at any minute.

Small satellite communication station R-438-M.

They could call their moms for free…

R-161-OU Orion.


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25 Responses to “One Military Brigade And Its Equipment”

  1. Mister Dog says:

    I’m not sure what a “Professional” plan position indicator is but I worked with radar for many years so yes, plan position indicator (PPI) means something to me.

    • Matlok says:

      Where did you work with radar? I’m a former Navy Operations Specialist. I don’t know about you but I really like checking out the electronic gear in these post!

    • Eneils Bailey says:

      Mister dog, did you notice that “Professional plan position indicator… Does it mean anything to you?” had nixie tubes over on the right hand side. That was was something straight out of the sixties.
      While some equipment did have a very modern appearance, some of it reminded me of equipment in my Metrology Lab(Electronics Calibration Lab) while I was in the US Navy in the sixties.
      I realize it is hard to make ruggidized equipment look modern and slick, some of this equipment looked dated.

      • Kaputnik says:

        EneilsBailey — I am former USAF PMEL tech, recently retired, but also an electronics hobbyist for several decades.

        Don’t knock nixie tubes just because they are vacuum tubes! lol The blue vfd displays that are still used in some modern gear are tubes as well — and I have very new equipment in my home lab that has had to be scrapped because the lcd panel broke, but some of my older gear uses nixies, and I have never seen one go bad, while I have replaced many lcd and led displays.

        :-) :-)

  2. ayaa says:

    Nice contrast. Especially the pictures of Tigrs next to the UAZ’s.

    • Matlok says:

      I have a couple of questions for you ayaa; Is the Systema form of hand to hand combat like Sambo or is it different? Also did you serve in the Tanks and then transfer to spetsnaz or the other way around? or does Spetsnaz have tanks too?

      • ayaa says:

        1) Systema is basically a ramped up version of Sambo, with elements of Akido. Real difference is in real combat none would give a fcuk about rules. Example, Sambo rules don’t allow chokes or lethal holds.

        2)I first served four full years with the 4th Tank Guards (aka Kantemirovskaya). Then I spent six months in basic spetsnaz training, then served for two years three months as a trooper, then nine months as a juo. That was with the 16th Spetsnaz Brigade.

        • ayaa says:

          Oh and no. The Spetsnaz brigades do not have ACTIVE tanks with them. But there are plenty of obsolete tanks which are used as dummy targets for training, and Tambov had a handful of static T-55’s to be used as improvised last-ditch defensive artillery.

          • Matlok says:

            Thanks ayaa! Btw happy New Year to you!

          • historian says:

            Cmon ayaa what are you talking about? Combat Sambo got no rules. Systema is theoretical fun which doesnt work, but funny to watch. How impressive Sambo works you can see at Emelianenko. But I guess you did rubbish Karate in army. And second no one needs Martial Art in army.

            • ayaa says:

              Remind me again of just how Systema DOESNT work.

            • ayaa says:

              “Systema is theoretical fun which doesnt work”, how would you know it doesnt work, huh?

              “And second no one needs Martial Art in army.” Whoever was your combat instructor, he appears to have missed quite a few important things. But then again, your vision for the military is based on your years of service as a, err, what were you again?

  3. Jim-Bob says:

    What I found cool was that piece of equipment that looked like an oscilloscope and had a nixie tube counter on it. I know Russia is the only country that still produces vacuum tubes in quantity (they are superior to transistors in some systems due to their superior EMP resistance) but would not have thought they would be used in such a sophisticated vehicular installation.

  4. Zonda says:

    Sturdy russian electronics… I like their products despite the design :).

  5. my hovercraft is full of eels. Yours, by contrast, is not !

  6. geoff says:

    With a Small satellite communication station They could call their moms for free……….Gota like that

  7. d says:

    There’s a lot of contrast – a notebook, hand in hand with a scope-like device with nixie tubes.

  8. d says:

    Oh, and it’s curious that it’s running windows.

  9. 0d1n says:

    ok, where is a red button?

  10. Kaputnik says:

    Hahahaha, I love photo number 6!

    Duct Tape – The Universal Repair Tool!!

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