12 Tanks, Snow And Movie Shooting

Tanks, Snow And Movie Shooting

Shooting the Life And Fate movie took place at a tank range Alabino. Welcome to the movie set with a lot of tanks, snow and other interesting things.

The polygon appeared to be very large. Tanks were getting ready for movie shooting early in the morning.


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12 Responses to “Tanks, Snow And Movie Shooting”

  1. ptc says:

    Same mistake again, tanks without infantry support…. in real war, lifetime of each tank crew will be few minutes. In soviet war movies, there were thousands of troops (real army troops).

  2. yojimbo says:

    I like it when they use live action in films in place of CG only thing is most of those T-34s are a bit lacking on markings.They almost always had some geometric shape on the sides of the turret and on the top to aid in identification not just the numbers .And no 3A (for the) CCCP!!?

  3. George Johnson says:

    That “device” looks like a peephole for a door, or maybe a small solid state camera. So you can see who’s climbing on your tank, or knocking on the door. So you don’t shoot your own guys.

  4. ssbjsb3 says:

    I’d love to get one of those soviet era trench coats, id probably have to visit russia though

  5. OldBikr says:

    You are never going to catch me taking MY Mosin Nagant rifle outside and leaving it exposed to the elements. I shield my muzzle and action whenever possible. I respect my rifle because I can hit a three inch bull five out of five every time at 100 yds, shooting with the original iron sights. Pretty good for a rifle over ninety years old.
    @ptc…you are so right about the infantry support for the tanks.

  6. 山下智久 says:

    i like snow in winter

  7. Kaputnik says:

    Device – indeed, looks like a peephole camera like the one I have on my front porch. lol

    Very nice GAZ M auto, or at least replica of same. Also, at least they used the proper radio set for the time period, the lend-lease US-made Type-19 (were also use for the Brits, though the CCCP models had Russian markings) Radio/wireless gear is usually ignored as far as technical accuracy, some movies I have seen pieces of test gear used with microphones or telegraph keys plugged into them. LOL Very good photos, regardless of the lack of infantry — yes, that is a big mistake, even with movies set in modern times. While the modern battlefield may use more air and missile support and fewer footsoldiers, they are still an important part of any armoured infantry battle.

  8. rikki Doxx says:

    I saw Enemy At The Gates and also read the book about the famous Russian sniper at Stalingrad. I like realistic movies. The American movie about Bastogne titled “Battleground” long time ago was stupid. Looked like they were fighting in Africa rather than in winter in Europe.

  9. Pantokrator says:

    All I got to say is you don’t mess with the Russians in Winter.

  10. Niveks says:

    nice pics. Is there a way to see them in highter resolution?

  11. Niveks says:

    Nice pics. Is there a way to see them in higher resolution? Photograph’s blog is in Russian.

  12. Nitpick says:

    One of the photos shows an early T-34, a rarity in war movies.

    Most T-34 tanks used in movies are the later T-34/85 variant, which were mostly used in 1944-45 and post war.

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