11 Memorial Complex In Honor Of Akhmat Kadyrov In Grozny

Memorial Complex In Honor Of Akhmat Kadyrov In Grozny

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According to its official website, the Memorial Complex of Glory of A. A. Kadyrov is the most prominent memorial complex in the country. Built in just 6 months, it occupies the territory of 5,000 m3. In its design and decoration, it can be compared with world famous architectural monuments and it is likely that the complex will be registered into the World Heritage List by UNO.

The memorial complex opened in May, 2010. It starts with this square located on the Alley of Glory.

‘Akhmat Kadyrov is the leader we waited for!’

In the middle of the square there is a monument to Hero of the Soviet Union Movladi Visaitov.

At age 17, Movladi Visaitov forged his documents to join the army. Among his decorations there are the Order of Lenin, order of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov, Order of the Red Star, Medal for Combat Service, Medal for the Defence of Stalingrad and Medal For the Victory Over Germany In the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945. He died at age 73 in Grozny.

In front of this 40-meter gilded tower, there is an eternal flame.

‘The USSR, Victory’.

Police officers register all photographers and journalists making reports on the memorial complex.

Unfortunately, some of the bas-reliefs are under reconstruction already (not this one).

Pupils are heading to the museum of A. Kadyrov.

‘Museum of Akhmat A. Kadyrov’.

‘First President of the Chechen Republuc Akhmat A. Kadyrov’.

Ticket price to enter the museum is 1.5 dollars.

This chandelier was brought from Iran and is covered with gold. It has a weight of 1.5 tons! In the center of the chandelier there is the following inscription, “Let Justice Triumph!”

On the second floor there is a picture gallery.

On the main floor there is the museum.

These columns are said to be covered with gold leaf.

‘Light of Knowledge Will Cast Away The Darkness’.

‘Sport Is the World Ambassador’.

‘Culture Is the Face of the Nation’.

‘Ministry of Internal Affairs is a Branchchild of A. A. Kadyrov’.

‘Places where A. Kadyrov Was Born And Grew Up’.

Kadyrov’s personal things.

His decorations and diplomas.

Presents he brought to his friends.

Books that he wrote.

Location: Grozny

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  1. nazir minhas says:

    Beautiful, worth seeing physically

  2. Ho Fo Sho says:

    Can anyone say “Cult of Personality”?

    What a waste of money.

  3. Taisto says:

    What a tasteless joke.

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    This is Stalinism. Nothing to show off except your naked egotism. I’ll go look at a dead tree and be more impressed.

  5. general Kharkov says:

    Every nation has the government it deserves. Dixi.

  6. yeoldesnake says:

    Clever placement of money coming from Russian tax-payers. A monument to local Bin-Laden. Nice.

  7. John Wrexham says:

    Nul points!!

  8. Adolph Hitler says:

    Our Kavkaz buddies would much rather forget Kadyrov.

  9. too much vodka says:

    ” it is likely that the complex will be registered into the World Heritage List by UNO.” Yeah, right, probably just after the monuments of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jon Il under the heading: havinga good laugh with ugly tasteless monuments.

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