15 Cute Dolls By Anna And Maria

Cute Dolls By Anna And Maria

Posted on December 29, 2011 by

These are dolls made by twin sisters Anna and Maria. The girls showed interest in arts very early and at age 7, their duo ‘AnyaManya’ presented their first exhibition.

via anyamanya.ru

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15 Responses to “Cute Dolls By Anna And Maria”

  1. Dany says:

    I love them :-)

  2. Viktor99 says:

    Very talented!

  3. lenk says:

    Those are absolutely stunning!

  4. silvertwinz says:

    these are beautiful and the skill used to make them is great. they brought smiles and happiness to my day.

  5. James says:

    Black censorship rectangles for dolls?

    Russians are the most TIMID people I’ve ever heard of! I’m so glad my ancestors left your country.

    • Don says:

      Its only on Englishrussia. I wonder are they placed in Russia or Middle East. Russian news agencies never put censoreship on tits,like with Femen.

      • James says:

        To the extent this site represents Russia, it delivers an extremely ludicrous and bad impression of that country. In civilized, cultured countries, people are free to like or dislike what they see and listen to and read and think, and decide for themselves whether to look or not look at it. Censorship has always been one of the hallmarks of uncultured, inhumane government.

    • yeoldesnake says:

      Just in case you’re frustrated because you did not see the doll’s tits – here is the link for you without the rectangles: http://anyamanya.ru/gallery/avtorskie_kukly/4/. I am also glad that your ancestors left my country.

  6. OldBikr says:

    They are great, very happy. I especially love the accordion player, the harmonica player and their cats joining in.

  7. yeoldesnake says:

    They are so full of life…Brilliant dolls.

  8. veovis says:

    wonderful ! i would like to collect them ! now the capitalist question: where & how can i buy them ?

  9. Akskl says:


  10. Faith Gorodki says:

    Black boxes. For fscks sake, they’re dolls.

  11. Gerard says:

    I very much like the red hair (I have it myself)And Russia is among England the country with the most red haired people.

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