2 Shacks In Downtown Minsk

Shacks In Downtown Minsk

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Minsk Barracks 10

The 72-year old Nina Adolfovna is lucky to have a great view of the Byelorussian White House. Meanwhile, she goes to her shed to take some wood to heat the stove to warm up her home. This is a story about people living in shacks next to the dwelling place of the ministers of Byelorussia.

Minsk Barracks 1

Two shacks facing the White House have been here for several decades. They look awkward in downtown Belarus. The point is that this land has been assigned for ‘Triple’ company which now is busy doing some other things but to take the land back and reassign it to some other construction firm would be too daring for government.

Minsk Barracks 2

21, Liebknecht Street.


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2 Responses to “Shacks In Downtown Minsk”

  1. yagur says:

    Cute House!!!
    Lot of americans and russians can’t afford even this.
    They live on the streets.

  2. Dagar says:

    And probably no insulation. I would call it “run down”, but not a “shack”. There are similar in many American cities (not next to the executive mansions, though, there the residents would have been told to get out, and the building demolished). The elderly poor have it hard. The wood heat would be uncommon in cities and in multiple-apartment buildings, but might be found in single houses in rural areas.

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