0 Chiryurtskaya HPP: Water Discharge And Gelbakhskaya HPP

Chiryurtskaya HPP: Water Discharge And Gelbakhskaya HPP

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This is some basic information about Chiryurtskaya HPP from our previous articles for you:

Chiryurtskaya HPP includes three hydropower plants, located on the Sulak River, Dagestan. They are Chiryurtskaya HPP-1, Chiryurtskaya HPP-2 and Gelbakhskaya HPP built in 2006 and named after a village located nearby.

Its dam has a bottom spillway with four huge six-meter wide and 6-7-meter tall tunnels, which allow it to discharge 3,000 m3 of water per second.

Through the water you can see concrete dashpots and on the opposide side of the reservoir there is Bavtugayskaya HPP.

Pipe installation at Gelbakhskaya HPP.

Construction of Gelbakhskaya HPP began in 2004 and in 2006, they launched its hydraulic units. In 2007, Gelbakhskaya HPP was put into operation.

Flushing valve installation.

Gelbakhskaya HPP construction.

Gelbakhskaya HPP is equipped with two hydraulic units with propeller turbines PR40-VM-300 and 22 MW generators SV 525/100-25UKhL4. The special feature of the HPP is its ability to work in automatic mode.


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