25 Where Do Modern Gypsies Live?

Where Do Modern Gypsies Live?

Gypsies are unique people. They live all around the world and consider one another as relatives. Some of them are poor, others are very rich. They never miss an opportunity to help one another. They have a language of their own and they don’t want strangers to come closer. In spite of that we’ll come to know some facts about gypsies today.

Soroki is a town on the north of Moldova which is famous with its medieval fortress and unusual gypsies who have been staying here for several hundreds years already.

The fortress is located on the picturesque bank of the Dnestr river. It has never been reconstructed or changed since the day it was erected. Unfortunately, it is closed today, so let’s go and visit gypsies.


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25 Responses to “Where Do Modern Gypsies Live?”

  1. Zonda says:

    “They don’t steal things and don’t scrounge but work instead.” And my father is Abraham Lincoln. Tell that from an ordinary salary, they can build such palaces!

    • Tovarich_Volk says:

      They most likely work construction in places like Italy, Germany, etc, make their money, go home and build their own houses. –Seems simple and straightforwards enough.

      • Zonda says:

        I make the comment because I know them very well. Did they work in construction on architect or engineer position? Just the materials for those kind of houses cost at least ~ 100.000 eur. How many years you must work to build such a palace, when your income don’t exceed 700 – 1200 eur/month(construction field in Italy – brute labor)?

  2. JZ says:

    The town of Soroca has the largest gypsy commune in all of Moldova I think. Their taste in architecture is quite strange at times, but you can always tell if a house was built by gypsie.

  3. d says:

    “They don’t steal things and don’t scrounge but work instead. Their women stay at home.”
    Weird, our gypsies DO steal things, pretty much everything. Their women do stay at home as well, “tending” to 5-15 children so they can suck the social system dry.

  4. brainwashed by american school says:

    They sell heroin to poor, desperate Russian junkies. Junkies die, Russia gradually die out, step by step disappear from the face of the earth, but “cool” and “unique” gypsies flourish and buy palaces. Thank you Putin.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    In a perfect world, they’d be on a kolkhoz.

  6. Zipp says:

    The truth is that the wealthy gypsies are very often the involved in the drug trafficking business. “Seems simple and straightforwards enough”.

  7. Don says:

    They must be jailed all or just deportated in India. Motherland awaiting them!

  8. Steamed McQueen says:

    Thieves, all of them. They wander the streets in packs, like wild dogs. Always women and children. One must always be aware of them because they will swarm on an unsuspecting person. One of the little beggars will lift your wallet or passport, then come up to you later and say he ‘found’ it, expecting a reward of course.

    And do they EVER stink! You can smell them a block away.

    Horrible people. There is a reason why they wander. No one wants them around.

  9. Aleksander says:

    They have no taste at all!

  10. geoff says:

    Half the comments here are racist, by people who think they are better. The things you say show you are no better than anyone.

    • w says:

      Gypsy comment ^^^

      • geoff says:

        I am Australian. You are a coward that wont even use a proper name.

        • jimmi jim says:

          and don’t forget that they are very good musicians

        • Maxim Ч says:

          I live in Canada and was born here. I had always wondered what people from Europe had against gypsies…then I spent over half a year in Russia/The Ukraine. Just go there and have a look, it will really open your eyes. We humans are simple monkeys – we paint everyone who is similar with the same brush. I’ve seen people selling books in a park in the Ukraine have to shoo away gypsies because they were trying to steal the books! I’ve had gypsies come up to me (sometimes even children!) begging for change across Russia.

          I’m not saying that the racism is right, or justified, but if you could see whence they are coming, perhaps you’d think differently. I can’t see what some Australians have against the Aborigines there. People ask me why some Canadians have things against our Indians here. They need only go see an Indian reserve, or look up the government documents showing how much money we throw at them for nothing.

          Sometimes you need to go there, have a look, and get the full story yourself. If Australians women and children ran up to me all the time begging for change, and Australian men were heavily involved in the trafficking of hard drugs in my city, then I would probably have a lower opinion of Australians (I don’t, thankfully ;-).

          They ARE really good musicians though!

  11. geoff says:

    Thank you Mr Moderator for not deleting my whole comment.

  12. WackyRuss says:

    It’s not nice to call them gypsies. They are the Romani folk.

  13. Alper says:

    Man I love this site

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