0 Three Metro Stations Under The Badge Of Kiev

Three Metro Stations Under The Badge Of Kiev

Recently in Kiev, there was an opening of the 50th metro station ‘Vystavochny Tsentr’ (and the 500th metro station in the former USSR). It took them less than a year to build it which is not typical of works of this type.

Currently, there are two entrances leading to the metro station.

One of the entrances is equipped with an escalator.

A passage.

Modern turnstiles and ticket offices.

‘Vystavochny Tsentr’.

It is very unusual to see a clock like this in the metro station. On the whole, the metro station has several non-typical design elements, like the columns near the ticket offices or new direction signs written in two languages, one of which is English.

A platform.

’50’ reminds the people of the anniversary status of the metro station.

Temporarily, passengers will board and get off the train from the same side of the platform.


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