14 Modernization Of The Russian Mail Service

Modernization Of The Russian Mail Service

Did you think that in the days of the Internet nobody uses mail at all? Read the post about the way Russian post-offices work and you will change your opinion.

Those who have ever sent a parcel or a registered letter by post in Russia, must have many questions about the culture and quality of Russian mail service. Everybody is tired of grim old ladies who take orders, long lines of people waiting for their turn, and weeks or months needed for a parcel and a letter to reach the adjacent region.

However, it was found out that many old things have undergone big changes though a few people know about it. For example, 2 months ago a super modern computerized sorting center was launched on the territory of the Moscow region. It appears to be the most modern and largest center in eastern Europe.


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14 Responses to “Modernization Of The Russian Mail Service”

  1. Mikhas says:

    “Wow…one modern post office in Moscow for the whole Russia…. ”

    Has your beloved €U bought you Balts anything similar or anuthing at all really? Where would you have been without free education and infra structure before the €U-anschluss? Enjoy it while it last. €USSR is bankrupt and barking at your mighty neighbour andreviving the glorious nazi days wont give you anything

  2. 山下智久 says:

    second picture in the men wearing Converse shoes?

    • Matlok says:

      so are you saying that the dude with the converse shoes is ayaa???

      • 山下智久 says:

        oh no! my friend i Mean i asked him The man in the picture whether wearing Converse shoes. do you like taylor swift?

        • ayaa says:

          WTF! Why did you jump at me when you saw him? The only similarities between us would be the brown hair.

          What did u mean by that anyway?

          • Matlok says:

            Lol! he’s just asking if the dude in the picture is wearing converse shoes? (they look like it) Taylor Swift has some good songs, but she’s not my favorite. i like Carrie Underwood better or was that question for ayaa too?

  3. Uncledoh says:

    looks pretty much like regular US Postal warehouse

    how many parcels with valuable items gets stolen?

  4. cockatrice says:

    The death of mail services, like the death of the mainframe computer has been highly overrated. They just keep chugging on, doing newer and different things.

  5. Will says:

    It does resemble a USPS “Mail Factory”! The Russians are brilliant in that they require managers to work rank and file jobs before they qualify for the manager’s job. In the USPS, they take whoever wants to get into the 204B program (Management trainee) regardless of their ability to successfully deal with people, know the job(S) and how emotionally or mentally healthy they might or might not be. They will always be losers because they are negatively oriented. Russia is displaying a proactive attitude instead of a reactive attitude. They could become a model for the rest of the world to emulate. The US postal is more a model of the failed Soviet way of doing things. When I started, over 20 years ago, I loved my job. Now, it’s more about the pay and bennies.

  6. skopeil says:

    I send christmas card to my Russian friend last year..it took 30 days….

  7. Hi, I hope my photos will be in Russia now faster :)

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