8 Miatlinskaya HPP In Dagestan

Miatlinskaya HPP In Dagestan

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Miatlinskaya hydropower plant is a part of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro. It is located on the Sulak River between Chirkeyskaya HPP and Chiryurtskaya HPP. Its water reservoir is also used as a water supply source for Makhachkala and Kaspiysk. Its installed capacity is 220 MW.

Preparatory works for its construction began in 1970. In 1997, after a massive landslide on the right bank of the river, construction works were held up. They also had to change the project and as a result, the building of the HPP was moved aside by 1.5 km. However, in 1982 they began concreting the body of the dam and by 1986, both hydraulic units were launched.

In the machinery hall.

The HPP is equipped with two 110 MW hydraulic units.

Each hydraulic unit has a width of 6 m.

The control panel.

This is the water that goes to Makhachkala and Kaspiysk.

The Sulak River.

This 600-meter tunnel going through the right-bank rocks of the river connects the HPP building and the dam.

This concrete-arch dam is 86.5 m tall and 179 m long.

Currently, there are three arch dams in Russia and all of them are situated in the Republic of Dagestan.

It took them less than a year to build the dam!

The dam top.

The dam forms a 1.75 km2 reservoir that has a capacity of 47 and 22 millions m3.

The dam has four spillways each of 14 meters wide.

The view from the dam top.

Location: The Republic of Dagestan

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