0 Progress In Interminable Construction Of Podolsky Bridge

Progress In Interminable Construction Of Podolsky Bridge

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Podolsky Bridge is 8 years old already and it hasn’t been finished yet. However, this year there have been some progress and we want to show you what exactly has changed.

Plan of the bridge.

A year ago, they finished constructing supports for the double-level bridge [9].

At ‘Sudostroitelnaya’metro station [10] they concreted the future platform and installed some steel beams.

They emptied the territory between the metro station and the arch bridge and built thee overpass supports [10] out of eight. They have almost completed construction of exit supports [11].

They installed four 650-ton arch segments out of six on the arch bridge over the Dnepr [14].

Segment 2.

This is a hydraulic station which moves the thrusters for precise installation of the segments.

All constructions under the arch are temporary.

Temporary supports for segment installation.

The third arch segment has been installed.

The fourth segment installation, the last one for this year.

The most memorable event of the year concerning the bridge construction was an overturn of the floating crane ‘Zakhary’.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

According to officials, it was a mistake of the crane crew which caused the accident.

As a result, the cargo boom broke in several places and now it’s subject to utilization.

They say that they will be able to restore the floating crane by spring.

Currently, it is being cut into pieces.

Surprisingly, they didn’t freeze the construction and are installing the fifth arch segment.

This year they also began laying asphalt on the overpass over Trukhavov Island [15].

The began demolishing houses standing on the way of the bridge road.

‘Attention! Tigers! We’ve warned you!’

Location: Kiev

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