22 UFO Signs In Russia?

UFO Signs In Russia?

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Mysterious trenches are found throughout Russia and are estimated to appear three or four hundred years ago. Some of them are perfectly straight and form a picture that can be seen only from a plane. They remain a puzzle which hasn’t been solved yet.

You’ll never see this picture from the ground.

But satellite photographs show six-point figures with ideal proportions.

Some say that in these areas, electronic devices don’t work or work in an oddly way and even birds avoid these places. Those who pitch a tent here to stay overnight, experience headaches and insomnia.


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22 Responses to “UFO Signs In Russia?”

  1. Me says:

    Those are remains from ancient fortified positions. Look at a picture of any 16-17th century fortress!

  2. no_name says:

    they are 18th century fortresses , Europe is full of them

  3. Daniel says:

    Those clearly look like defensive walls like they have been built in several other places. At least shortly after the invention of cannons, those structures have been quite common.

  4. khaba says:

    No mystery here, they are obviously fortresses. Similar structures can be found all over the world, dating from the 16th till the 19th century.

  5. NoOne says:

    Just ancient forts, shape is typical.

  6. belzebub says:

    Dear internet retards,

    these are just remainders of so called “star fortification” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_fort

    Or you may believe that they are footprints of a giant star-feeted alien frog which frolicked there when the earth was young.

  7. Suvorov says:

    Yes, these things are TOTALLY unexplainable…
    Probably ET did all of them in a summer vacances. Nothing to do with old temporary military camps, of course


  8. Iggy says:

    Simply old fortifications…

  9. Renniks says:

    The star shaped earthworks look like forts


  10. Ulrike Meinhof says:

    The original idea of Those angles where to catcs up bullets and splitters from artillery fire and make it possible to reach all walls and strategic points of defence with firearms from the inside (and not being hit by enemy fire), they where often made from standarized drawings like many other military buildings during this time, but in fact wery few of those are so well preserved in europe since they often where demolished or replaced with other buildings and therefor covered by landfills etc later in the early 1800 when most of them becom obsolete due to strategic reasons. Interesting pics, they are real masterpices of art i agree

  11. Bob says:

    I nominate this for most retarded post of 2011 on englishrussia.com


  12. (r)evolutionist says:

    The Universe is too large and we are too unimportant… (Copernican Spacetime, Comrades). Magnetic anomalies are not uncommon, even here in Hicksville, TX. And if birds avoid a place, that must mean idiotic humans have polluted the place to a wasteland. Did enjoy the mention of the history of early flight in Russia, though. Poor dude in 1731 gave it a good try…

  13. R says:

    That’s easy… 300-400 year old… They’re forts.

  14. Emperor Norton says:

    Yes, those are forts, but they were clearly built by ancient Mayans to protect themselves from yeti attacks. Now we know the Mayans fled to Russia after their civilization in the Yucatan was over run by hordes of Yeti.

  15. rostit says:

    those who say they are forts are incorrect. They are obviously alien cosmodromes. You can see by the pixels that Google photoshopped them to look like forts.

  16. andy says:

    are these people idiots? they’re 18th centrury star forts.

  17. Cheburator says:

    You ppl are all wrong! These are not forts. They are…..redoubts :P

  18. cockatrice says:

    Common earthworks set up to give nice crossfire on the walls. What were the major battles fought in these areas. That would be far more interesting than goofy alien conspiracy theory.

  19. Tommo says:

    yes, you can even see where the gates would’ve been

  20. Two Strikes says:

    They are old earthwork forts made to give the defender an optimal angle on firing into the flanks of advancing armies. The larger more complex ones may have had stone walls but most likely were wood walls set up for large encampments. Anybody who remotely studies war between the 1600s even to late 1800s these are forts, no matter what technical name you want to give them. They are defensive positions built by men!

  21. Rascally Raven says:

    ….. heh, heh …… can’t believe you all had to engage in this conversation …

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