1 Palace Bridge In Saint Petersburg

Palace Bridge In Saint Petersburg

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Palace Bridge is probably one of the most beautiful and popular bridges in Saint Petersburg. If a tourist fails to see raising of Palace Bridge, than the whole trip to Saint Petersburg is in vain.

The bridge opened in 1916. It has a length of 260 m and a width of 27.8 m. Its crew includes 11 workers.

In the photo, you see their arms.

Senior mechanic assistant Yury.

In 1917, they renamed the bridge into Respublikansky but in 1944, they gave it its historic name back.

Under the bridge.

In the 2000s, a travel agency wanted to organize exursions to this bridge but when they saw how much they had to do before they could start bringing people here, they disappeared in seconds. Too much money had to be invested.

Generatos and engines.

Its balance weight.

This is the mechanism which raises the bridge. It’s been here since the opening.

In 2008, the bridge’s service life ended. It’s either going to be reconstructed or a new bridge will appear next to it.


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    Would have been nice to see photo’s of the actual bridge and maybe a video of it opening.

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