3 Museum Of History In Altai

Museum Of History In Altai

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Founded in 1823, it is one of the oldest museums in Siberia. For a long time, it was open for the selected few but now its doors are open for everyone. Let’s go!

‘Principles of Pioneers’, 1920s.

‘Love and know your homeland’.

This exposition features flora and fauna of Altai Territory.

“Barnaul was… cultural center of Siberia and I would even call it Siberian Athens”, Peter Semenov-Tyan-Shansky.

This jewelry is made of teeth of a wild animal.

Old rock carvings.

Some divine being made of bronze.

This hall shows the history of metallurgy developmet. Some of the exhibits are 200 years old and they themselves have become history .

This model, for example, was made in 1826.

Launching a steam engine designed by Polzunov.

This is a copper nugget.

The museum has a large collection of Soviet time exhibits.

‘Tailor A. Shurakova. Take orders’.

‘Purchasing bread, weigh it thoroughly: how much you are going to buy and how much you are going to eat’.

‘Foremost people in agriculture of 1971′.

This is a model of a tractor presented to the foremost people in agriculture in 1972.

Khruschev with cosmonauts Gagarin and Titov.

To Titov:

I have just received your telegramme from ‘Vostok-2′. All Soviet people are happy and immensely proud of you. We are waiting for you on Earth.

August 6th, 1961.

To Khruschev:

Thank you very much for your care! I will do everything to fulfill all the tasks given to me by the Party and Government.

Everything is going great.

August 6th, 1961.

This spacesuit belonged to cosmonaut Lazarev, born in Altai Territory.

Old home appliances.

And old TV set.

This radio released in 1954 has a weight of 15 kg!

In the yard there are a couple of retro (rot through) cars.

And a gun.

Location: Barnaul

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3 Responses to “Museum Of History In Altai”

  1. Akskl says:

    Of course! I expected something like this. This is a typical Russian chauvinistic museum where first you see mammoth’s tusk, and then first Russian settlers’ stuff. What happened between them – during several thousand years? What events happened, what states existed, what rulers, what people lived here before Russians colonizers arrived? No information of such kind you can find in such so-called “museums”.

  2. Akskl says:

    BTW, I was first.

  3. Tommo says:

    That’s an odd conclusion to reach at the end of a 39 picture photo essay.

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