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It is unclear where the funds appropriated for reconstruction of dormitories go to. It applies to Moscow State University, the main university of the country, too.

Yaroslav, a student of Moscow State University, shows what it is like to live in a dormitory belonging to the most prestigious university of Russia.

It is very brave of him telling you all that because there have been precedents when students like him were deprived of scholarship or expelled. But Yaroslav says it’s not about his bravery. It’s about his principles.

He says that first of all it is pointless to make a renovation in the room you live in at your own expense because each year a student lives in a different room.

Some of the rooms have two beds and some four.

This furniture has been standing here since the opening of the dormitory.

A kitchen.


The restroom is one of the issues that bother students. The point is that there are just two restrooms on each floor and sometimes, a cleaning woman does not appear for days.

Amazingly, but the main university of the country can’t provide its students with the Internet!

As for the rooms, many of the doors have a broken lock. However, they say that so far they didn’t hear that many things had been pinched at the dormitory.

A problem very common to all Russian dormitories is the shower. This dormitory has just one shower room (located on the main floor), which has a broken lock too and moreover, it is open from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. which makes it impossible for a girl, for example, to take a shower before a date set for 5 p.m. Besides, on Monday it doesn’t work at all.

It is useless to clean this ceiling because after several days, black mold will appear here again.

Students also mention a broken window that wouldn’t close which has become a legend already. Their parents who lived at the same dormitory many years ago remember it and agree that in wintertime it is very cold in the shower.

This room is for one person.

Two students live in a room also intended for one person.

Actually, these fellows, as well as those who have to share the room with three more students, don’t know that their rights are being violated because they receive less square meters per person than they have a right to.


What a great view!

The fact that millions of rubles are invested in construction of new branches of the university, its dormitories and a library with all its statues, which is nothing but a masterpiece of architecture, is most amazing.

Why wouldn’t they assign money for those who are already studying at the university? Why wouldn’t they, instead of those statues in the library, renovate a couple of dormitories so that students don’t catch cold in winter.

Location: Moscow

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13 responses to “Dormitory-Hardened”

  1. USNCPO says:

    Looks about the same as the dorms at the University of Texas at Austin.

  2. Mr. Tinkles says:

    I’m only seeing common and minor issues that spoiled children complains about.

  3. Adriaan Maes says:

    It looks bad, but i’ve seen worse, the dormitory from the Ryazan State medical university looks much worse. Toilet totally disgusting, shower filty. You have to share a bedroom which is normally for 1 or 2 with up to 5 people. The kitchen is a disgrace. I don’t understand why russian universities care so less for there dorms, they have a lot of international student who pay a lot for there tuition, but it seems that there are a lot of hands who need to be oiled.

  4. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Those conditions are deplorable!

  5. perristalsis says:

    They should come to the States, do a bogus bank holdup. allow themsleves to be caught & sent to jail for 3 to 5. Once in, they get new clothes, health and dental care, internet privliges, clean showers- just don’t bend over to pickup the soap- free T.V., free univeristy level courses, earn money, correspond with lonely women who want a relationship with a **reformed** man, etc.

  6. Steamed McQueen says:

    Where does the money allocated for reconstruction go? Where does is always go? It gets stolen by the administrators so they can have fancy cars and houses.

    THIS is the education that anyone gets in Russia. Rules are for fools, get what you can by any means necessary. If caught, admit nothing, deny everything and accuse your accusers.

  7. Emperor Norton says:

    This is like US university’s; the people funding the projects want to see their name on a fancy new building rather than renovating an old one?

  8. zero says:

    Excuse me, but those guys live like kings compared to some dorms I’ve seen in my town.

  9. Mr Cool says:

    I visited there couple of years ago. MSU really is an amazing building with its convenience stores and swimming halls, it’s a really beautiful construction to look from outside too. But when we entered to the dormitory section, filth and disgusting smell from the soviet era hit our faces. Some floors were clearly worse than others. I think that the lack of bathrooms should be the priority number one to fix up.

    Anyway, that picture in which network cables were drawn through windows reminded me a view I saw: on one friday evening, three young russian nerds with classic nerdy looks carried an old CRT monitor in the elevator. The guys were so amazingly excited about the old monitor that not even two girls whom I was with didn’t draw attention from the guys. The monitor clearly was something they had waited for ages. I don’t know if they reverse-engineered the monitor, used it as a heat source or did they just plugged it in to play some network games. But one thing is clear: hardcore students don’t care for filth and disgusting smell as long as they have the freedom to spend all nights and weekends inside doing cool techy stuff in the middle of the night.

  10. lili says:

    I love how people are comparing this to some dorms in the US. Quite recently I was also thinking how our freeways have also become reminiscent of ex-Soviet freeways in Russia.

    What could we have in common?

    Ah, yes, the refusal to pay taxes and insistence that corrupt officials are taking everything (either through graft or posh benefit schemes), thus absolving us of the responsibility to take care of ourselves.

    Life was better when we were competing civilizations. We had something to live up to.

    Now look at us all…

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