1 Views From The City Hall, Yekaterinburg

Views From The City Hall, Yekaterinburg

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These are photographs taken from the city hall of Yekaterinburg. Enjoy!

Lenin Avenue.

This is the main square of the city, Square of 1905, and the main Christmas tree. It has a hight of 44 m.

Currently, they are constructing an ice city.

The ice city is going to be designed as a mini Kremlin (Moscow) with all its towers and walls.

This is Church of All Saints or the Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land. The church commemorates the Romanov sainthood, the family of Tsar Nicholas II executed by shooting here.

A tram station.

‘Amtei’ and ‘Vysotsky’.

‘House of Actors’, built in the 1890s.

One of the streets.

‘Uspensky’ shopping center.

‘Palladium’ business center.

The city hall hasn’t always looked like this.

The current look appeared in 1954 (after several reconstructions).

The dial plate diameter is 3.5 m. Its hour hand is 1.6 m long and minute hand is 1.9 m long.

This is the main clock tower of the city from the inside.


The clock tower.

It is 61 m tall.

Location: Yekaterinburg

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