2 Eternal Avant-Garde

Eternal Avant-Garde

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Nestled in a quiet Krivoarbatsky Lane, the house that belonged to architect Konstantin Melnikov is a must see for each fan of modern architecture.

It is an amazing house that will always look avant-garde.

This is the way the house looked in the 1980s.

Not only its look but also methods of its construction were innovative (and remain so).

Let’s turn to some history. In the 1920s, world famous architect Melnikov obtained land and a permission for constructing his own house.

Melnikov wanted this house to be experimental. He intended to test new methods of construction to later implement them into mass housing construction.

There were other people and organizations which applied for that piece of land. According to Melnikov, the committee opted for the architect once it saw the project of the house.

At first, he planned to make 200 hexagonal windows but later he reduced the number to 60.


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2 Responses to “Eternal Avant-Garde”

  1. herp says:

    Beautiful architecture, horrible interior. That water damage makes me cry– and the bare incandescent bulbs, the crappy wal-mart level window coverings and the general disregard for this amazing house makes me vomit.

  2. Marg says:

    For 1920s architecture, it’s advanced. However the interior spaces are poorly designed, as shown by their difficult liveability. Nevertheless, structurally and developmentally, it’s an important piece of architectural history.

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