20 Paintings By A Schizophrenic Girl And How She Explains Them

Paintings By A Schizophrenic Girl And How She Explains Them

Posted on December 19, 2011 by

Blithely and forever.

Stupid bi*ch Anzhelka is staring at me with her toad eyes. She doen’t know that I know that last week she abused me in that cafe when she got drunk. But I remember everything and I always will…

Location: Ukraine

via pdrs.dp.ua

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20 Responses to “Paintings By A Schizophrenic Girl And How She Explains Them”

  1. waitwhat says:

    Do you really have to censor her breasts in a painting? oO

  2. wing says:

    By today’s standards, these paintings are excellent, very creative. They do not deserve the comments in the text that rather desperately attempt to be witty and funny. My, you Russkies certainly have a very heavy sense of humour. Could this have to do with hiding from history, I wonder? (The FSB orders you to purge this comment).

  3. AnonymousCoward says:

    I fail to see the weirdness in these paintings.

  4. joe says:

    but now we know the boxes come in other colors besides black.

  5. YJ says:

    Do you really have to be that insecure about yourself.

  6. petrohof says:

    the censorship on er is pathetic. it is no longer soviet times, move on.

  7. afa says:

    Need to put a pink square on the tits of a draw ? Really ?

  8. Cindy says:

    At least she explains the paintings. I hate art where I’m like “wtf?”
    And, yeah, it’s pretty dumb to censor painted breasts.

  9. openeyed says:

    Very nice!

  10. kapitalist swine says:

    First permit me to be explaining that I am not to be having affiliations with the staffs of the englishrussia website and do not, dear readers, purport to address as representative. Many readers have commented on the “blacking out” of women’s breasts on the englishrussia site but I believe there is reason for it. Remember that the purpose of this site is to make Russian [and other] photo blogs accessible to a great many peoples of the world who would not otherwise be able to even find them, let alone read them, without benefit of translations. It is in the view of this goal that the “censorship” occurs: In many, many parts of the world the englishrussia website would be blocked by the governments if a single nipple were to reveal its shocking self. That would mean that the persons in these sanitary lands would never get to see any this site… Even in wild and crazy Amerika, viewing nipples on an office computer can get a person fired from their job as a cubicle drone.

    Remember that they still give a link to the source, in most cases you may go directly there and see the original version, as long as the watchful eyes of your large brother permit you to be doing so.

    • Batman says:

      There is no magical nipple-finder tool that blocks out all websites with a nipple on them

      This is art, looking at, say, David’s dong will not get you fired even in ‘crazy Amerika’

    • alessio says:

      Well Thank you for explaining!
      I am a free spirit and Big brother really hates me!
      I was even kicked out of the NATO army.Life is hard but I am happy to NOT be a drone for no one

      greetings :-)

  11. (r)evolutionist says:

    The tragedy of schizophrenia is that the brain is abnormal where the inner regions “communicate” with the higher regions in disturbing, garbled, and violent “speech.” No cure, only drug therapy used to dull/retard the communication.

  12. CZenda says:

    I checked the originating site and it seems the captions were added by the site, not the author.

  13. JP says:

    I can only draw stick people… These paintings are great .

  14. PDRS says:

    Those pictures are real, you could check other galleries on http://pdrs.dp.ua/art/art1.html

  15. gustradamus says:

    So organic, really painting what she knows, you can gather alot about her from the paintings, where shes from, her views and influences. And her explanations make alot of sense, even for a Schizo.

  16. Mark Alexander says:

    The paintings are average. But, Their descriptions give them their breadth, depth and life.

    Taken as a unit, of text and picture as a summed whole, they become viable art. Half visual, half quasi poetic Dadist.
    The commentator at the top is a bafoon.

  17. Republic of Catyes says:

    You put squares on pencil-drawn nipples, but what about all the boobs on the ads below? I first thought this was a porn site!

  18. jo pa says:

    Dear Painter, Forgive Anzhelka and be her friend again, she may care a lot for yet but alcohol brought out her worst, frequent with drinking. Your friendship with her could be special! You are talented, your heart has beauty! XXX OOO

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